What's a Twitch Raid? Answered
Image through Twitch

Twitch raids have been round for years now, they usually’ve been liable for numerous streamers lastly getting their massive break. Back within the day, Twitch raids was once a purely unbiased, community-based motion that creators would use to assist enhance the viewership of different streamers as soon as their broadcast ended. However, Twitch raids used to carry the potential to be extremely poisonous as they allowed sure people to conduct focused harassment campaigns on different streamers.

Since then, Twitch has formally welcomed raiding into its subculture by way of the creator dashboard. Since its professional implementation, there have been considerably fewer instances of abuse stemming from raids. Raids are part of Twitch’s tradition, now, so right here’s every little thing you’ll want to learn about them.

A Twitch raid is when one streamer sends their viewers over to a different streamer. This is finished in a couple of other ways and at totally different occasions.

A streamer may conduct a raid on a pal of theirs mid-stream for comedic impact. More generally, although, raids are executed on the finish of 1 streamer’s broadcast.

This has the impact of not solely maintaining their neighborhood entertained, but in addition places eyes on streamers that in any other case might not get too many views. It’s not unusual for mid to giant streamers to raid a smaller streamer on the finish of their stream, giving the smaller streamer lots of of recent viewers and an enormous bump of their potential viewers.

Raids might be executed informally, by way of communication between the streamer and their viewers, or formally, by way of the creator dashboard. If a raid is performed by way of the dashboard, the recipient has the selection of permitting themselves to be raided.

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