What Is the Max Level Cap in Diablo Immortal?
Image through Activision Blizzard

RPGs, by their very nature, are video games of numbers. Players, gears, monsters, and even goals may all, theoretically, be abstracted all the way down to a bunch of various numbers. The solely distinction between the numbers in an RPG and simply counting upward, although, is that numbers in an RPG cease ultimately. On that topic, what’s the max stage cap in Diablo Immortal?

This is a little bit of a multilayered query, as whereas there’s a stage cap in Diablo Immortal, there additionally type of… isn’t? Let me clarify.

When you first begin the game, you begin at Character Level 1. This is your fundamental stage, which you develop by gaining XP obtained from finishing quests and defeating monsters. The Character Level does have a tough cap, ending at Level 60. Sounds type of low, right? But that’s not truly where issues finish.

After you hit the Character Level cap, your XP begins routinely changing into factors that increase a separate stage metric, the Paragon Level. Unlike your Character Level, your Paragon Level doesn’t have a cap, or a minimum of it doesn’t have a clearly outlined one.

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By elevating your Paragon Level, you get entry to the Paragon Talent Trees, which unlock extra useful expertise and talents. At the second, the best Paragon Level you must be to entry the entire Talent Trees is 150, however there are extra Talent Trees that can be added to the game later down the road, so you may preserve leveling up even after you hit 150. Beyond that, the best difficulty setting, Hell 4, has a max Paragon requirement of 300, and that nonetheless isn’t the top of it.

One approach you may consider the Character Level cap is as a form of… entry requirement. The game doesn’t finish whenever you hit Character Level 60. If something, that’s where Diablo Immortal actually begins.