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So what does SWF mean in Dead by Daylight? Does it mean sunshine wonder farm? No, we have no idea what that is. Does it mean ‘Single White Female’ like a Tinder profile? Nope, definitely not. How about “Swimming With Fins”? Okay, stop. None of those things sound remotely related to Dead by Daylight. For the three of you who made it this far, yes we’ll tell you what SWF means. Like, legitimately this time.

Here is What SWF Means in Dead by Daylight

SWF is an acronym for Survive With Friends.

It is a term for when players in a friend group join the lobby and enter a trial together. In that sense, they are all friends who fight to stay alive together. Well, except for the one who is the Killer, that is. They just kinda kill you. Circle of life-type stuff. Regardless, this game is all about bonding. Murder-bonding, that is.

What Does “SWF” Mean in Dead by Daylight?
via DBD press kit

The reality is, in asymmetrical games, going in knowing each other tends to make the matches that much more intense. It is one thing when an online stranger gets hooked. But when you know the person and respect them IRL, them screaming for help can resonate that much further.

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Some ‘killers’ end up disliking the SWF dynamic as it can feel stacked against them. But for some, SWF is the only way to really get maximum enjoyment out of Dead by Daylight. Any friends can go bowling together. But how many friends can you say you’ve pulled off an actual hook?

Gives new meaning to needing a friend to help get you off the hook. In Dead by Daylight, that is the oinly time it is meant literally. Remember the friendship that survives together also stays together!