Nether Minecraft
Nether Minecraft

Among the many new things added in the Minecraft Nether Update, a new enchantment called Soul Speed ​​has arrived. Many people want to know how this works, because it can be a bit tricky at first. In short, enchanting can speed up the player when walking on soul sand or soul soil.

However, unlike other enchantments in Minecraft, players can get this in boots simply using an enchantment table. Instead, you should exchange gold ingots with piglines to be able to get in touch with pre-enchanted boots or a book with the enchantment on it.

Books with soul speed enchantments can also be found in the chests of the fortress ruins, but this is currently the only way to obtain enchantments. Players who want to know exactly how boots work should continue reading, because there are a few things worth noting before enchanting.

The formula used to determine the player’s speed increase is 0.9 + [soul speed level] * 0.125. Essentially, to find out how fast a player is, they need to multiply their soul speed level by 0.125 (or divide by 8), and then add 0.9. It is important to follow the order of operations and multiplication before adding, otherwise the formula will not work.

This means that Soul Speed ​​I increases the player’s movement speed by 2.5%, Soul Speed ​​II increases the player’s movement speed by 15%, and Soul Speed ​​III increases the player’s movement speed by 27.5%. Of course, this bonus only applies when moving on soul sand or soul soil, and it negates the movement penalty applied by Soul Sand (so the player moves at the same speed on both surfaces).

Players who use Soul Speed to travel the world faster should be weary that the enchantment does degrade the wearer’s boots, albeit at a minimal rate. Every time the player steps on one of these two blocks, there is a 4% chance that the boots will lose durability. Of course, being injured or falling will also cause damage to the boots, so although it looks relatively low, the speed of destruction of the Soul Speed ​​Boots is faster than expected.

This enchantment has countless uses. For reference, the 27.5% increase in movement is more than the Potion of Swiftness, so this is no joke. Players must be careful when breaking their boots, but not Unbreaking and Mending enchantments can work miracles to offset the continued degradation caused by the Soul Speed.