Minecraft has many status effects that players can experience, but one effect is particularly sinister: Bad Omen. This effect occurs when the player kills a patrol captain in a illager patrol, and it has some dramatic effects. The status effect of Bad Omen in Minecraft looks like a illager face with a cross-axis underneath, and will stay on the player for 100 minutes.

Disaster patrols are spawned in the main world, usually consisting of a small group of attackers, and the captain of the patrol holds a banner. Once the patrol captain dies, the player will immediately receive the Bad Omen status effect which is now attributed to them. This means that the player has become the target of the disaster villagers, once the player enters the village, it will automatically start a raid.

A raid is an in-game event in Minecraft, which spawns different types of enemies and attacks the village. These hostile creatures may include evokers, pillagers, vindicators, and ravagers, and can be quite a challenge. The rewards for successfully defending the village from attack include disaster villagers’ loot (usually crossbows and emeralds), a totem of undying, and status effect Hero of the Village. This effect will prompt villagers to provide players with gifts and discounts when trading.

In this case, Minecraft defines a village as an area where at least one villager is present and has a bed. This status effect can increase your power in the Java version of the game by killing or assassinating multiple patrol captains. This will increase the number of waves and their difficulty, but will also provide more rewards.

Players who do not want to participate in a raid and/or do not want to cause damage to the villagers must wait 100 minutes before entering the village or finding a cow. Cows (and their red counterparts, mooshrooms) are an excellent source of milk in Minecraft, and this liquid is the only way to heal any and all potions and status effects.

When crafting a bucket, the player can approach any animal and click on it to fill the empty bucket with milk. Drinking this milk can clear the state of bad omen and allow the player to enter the village without launching an attack.

The only other way to eliminate the bad omen status is to kill the player. This will reset all state effects, but it is obviously not ideal. It is important to note that the same situation will not happen once the attack begins. A raid can usually only end when all illagers have died, all villagers have died, or all beds in the area have been destroyed. In short, a bucket of milk, raid, or death are the only options for Minecraft players who want to get rid of bad omen.