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What Are Void Spirits in Stardew Valley?


What Are Void Spirits in Stardew Valley?

On: June 30, 2023

Hunting in Stardew Valley is always a bit of a mixed bag. While combat is far from the centerpiece of the game, it is still a major part of collecting materials and achievements. The Adventurer’s Guild, next to the Mine, keeps track of your kills and will reward you for them. Void Spirits are an enemy category that is closely monitored, and not very obvious, in Stardew Valley.

Still, the question remains: What are Void Spirits? What does it mean to hunt them, what are they, and is it worth tracking down all 150 of them? This guide will go over their qualities so you can see for yourself!

What Are Void Spirits?

Void Spirits in Stardew Valley are a category of three different enemies. The Shadow Shaman and Shadow Brute are the primary enemies of this category, and they’ll make up the bulk of the farming. These two enemies have a dangerous version, and the Shadow Sniper enemy also appears in the Dangerous Mines.

There are three different Void Spirits in patch 1.5 of Stardew Valley. They are:

  • Shadow Brute: A melee enemy, this black blob simply walks at you menacingly. Don’t let him touch you! Since they resist knockback, you might need to walk away while peppering them with ranged attacks.
    • Their Dangerous Version acts exactly the same, though with a gigantic health pool and higher damage.
  • Shadow Shaman: This mage has low health, but can heal all enemies nearby by a lot. They can fire a small fireball that provides a debuff (after they make a Circle of Leaves to telegraph their attacks), or can walk into you. They aren’t super dangerous by themselves. However, they should be the first target you focus down.
    • Their Dangerous Version is much more durable and heals significantly more.
  • Shadow Sniper: These enemies only exist in the Dangerous Dungeon. They can apply the Darkness Debuff to players, which will cause your screen to go black.
    • These enemies are only available in the Dangerous Mines. They do not count for the Monster Eradication goal as a result.

Remember: Only the Shadow Shaman and Shadow Brute count for the purpose of the Monster Eradication Goal. As of the most recent patch, the Dangerous Mine versions of the Void Spirits do not count towards Monster Eradication. Future patches may change this.

All of these enemies drop a wide swathe of items. Notably, they have a high drop rate for Coal and, if you fight Brutes or Snipers, the Strange Bun item. They also have a very high chance to drop the Void Essence item, which can be used to purchase a Void Ghost Pendant from the Desert Trader – given that you have high friendship with Krobus. Alternatively, the Void Essence can be made into the Mega Bomb or Iridium Band, an accessory that glows, attracts items, and increases attack damage.

Where To Find Void Spirits

Being able to efficiently farm these goobers will let you crash through the Monster Eradication Goal!

Void Spirits are found entirely in the Mines, after floor 80. They will spawn between Floor 81 and floor 119, essentially covering the bottom 40 floors of the mines. This also goes for the Dangerous versions of the enemies.

You will want to hit the checkpoint at floor 80 if you want to fight these guys consistently. Thankfully, once you reach this point, they are the basic Jobber enemies. You will consistently be throwing down with them, as well as Red Sludges, Lava Enemies, Metal Heads, and Squid Kids.

How to Kill Void Spirits

Like most enemies in Stardew Valley, Void Spirits don’t require any special weapons or armor to defeat. They each follow a relatively simple strategy:

  • Shadow Brutes can be fought off with small damaging attacks that keep them from running right at you. Since they resist knockback, be prepared to walk away from them while you drain their health.
  • Shadow Shamans must be prioritized in a fight. Thankfully, their small health pool and cowardly AI make them easy to rush down. Just be careful of any allies in the room! If you get hit with their debuff, back off, as enemies deal significant damage while you are afflicted.
  • Shadow Snipers, when approached on a diagonal, are almost comically weak. They can’t shoot on diagonals! Try not to touch them and you’ll do great.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s The Best Location To Farm Void Spirits?

Void Spirits spawn between floors 81-119 of the Mines. The lower you get, the higher spawn rate of these fellas, so try and get the elevator as close to the bottom as you are comfortable with. Additional food and buffs to increase enemy spawn will allow you to farm them more effectively.

What Is The Jinxed Debuff?

The Jinxed debuff reduces your Defense by 8. It lasts for 8 seconds, but that defense reduction can be killer. Back off of fighting for a while if possible.

What Does The Savage Ring Do?

The Savage Ring, when equipped, gives the Adrenaline Rush buff. This increases the player’s speed by +2 for 3 seconds. This just affects how fast the player moves, not how fast they can swing weapons.