Not long ago, Glow Squid, Moobloom and Iceologer were announced as the next three contenders in Minecraft. Mojang Studios believes that instead of making a decision on its own, it is better to submit it to fans to vote. At the end of this process, Glow Squid occupies the supremacy position and made it clear that this creature from Minecraft Earth will be added to the main game.

Since then, certain snapshots and other experimental updates have added Glow Squid in some way, but the creature is now fully present in the main version of the game. As part of this update, players also gained access to a new project. Just like ordinary squids drop ink sacs, Glow Squid also drop Glow Ink Sac. This is a very cool new feature of the game, but most players may not be familiar with their purpose yet.

Glow Ink Sac has two main uses. On the crafting table, players can combine Glow Ink Sac and one Item Frame to create a Glow Item Frame. This recipe is shapeless, so players don’t have to worry about placing items in a specific order or pattern. The Glow Item Frame works the same as the ordinary item display frame, but any items placed in it will glow even in the dark. This can produce some great effects and give players the opportunity to display items in normally dark areas. It is worth noting that this does not actually emit a light source, so players can use it when growing mushrooms.

On the other hand, if the player approaches a sign and uses a Glow Ink Sac on it, the sign’s writing will light up. This will help ensure that players can still see the text on the sign even in dark areas. A potential application is to create a path in a dark cave without worrying about lighting it up or placing the poster on a box in a storage room without a light source. This works with dyed signs as well, players can use regular ink sacs to return to normal.

Currently, these are the only things players can use Glow Ink Sacs. Harvesting them is the same as harvesting normal ink sacs, because players only need to find and kill new Glow Squid mobs.