Weapon Proficiency is an important stat you should keep your eye on in Returnal. Having a higher Weapon Proficiency will allow for better weapon stats and higher quality weapons. Having a higher proficiency will also allow you to find better weapons as you go across Atropos.

The proficiency rate also increases in chunks rather than gradually which is pretty nifty as you face tougher enemies in the game. Selene’s character herself starts with a 100% Proficiency Rate but the Weapon Proficiency is at 0. Weapon Proficiency depends on the steps you take throughout the game and there are many things that impact it.

The level of proficiency with weapons depends on many factors. External factors, such as artifacts, can help improve this stat. You can even find items like Calibrators on the Atropos map. This will definitely improve your skill with weapons greatly. However, certain parasites can weaken your Weapon Proficiency rate, so getting rid of them may make sense.

Another way to improve your weapon proficiency is to increase your adrenaline. The adrenaline surge goes together with your Proficiency Rate, which in turn will affect Weapon Proficiency. Having a higher weapon proficiency will ensure that the weapon level you obtain is the same and not lower.

For example, a weapon proficiency level of 3 will allow you to get weapons of level 3 or higher, but not lower than level 3. You should also keep in mind that if you die, your skill with the weapon will drop to 0, so make sure to regain health in Returnal.

If you want to check the weapon proficiency stats, click on the PS5 controller touchpad. Go to the status menu option and look to the bottom left. Here, you will see the option for Proficiency Level. Click on it and then see the statistics you want to know.

This is everything you need to know about Weapon Proficiency in Returnal.