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(Picture credit score: Firestorm_361 through Reddit)

No matter you do, do not search for. Following right this moment’s triumphant victory at Malevelon Creek, Helldivers gamers are making alarming discoveries on Automaton planets. Lurking within the skies are what look like large, cloaked gunships mendacity in wait. In await what? I am terrified to seek out out.

The event first reached my desk through Redditor infinity_cube, who printed screenshots displaying a number of angles of the anomaly. It is extraordinarily simple to overlook once you’re working round shooting robots, however in case you look carefully, the shapes come into focus. Customers Firestorm_361 and Spartas72 obtained even higher appears to be like on the objects, with their camouflage occluding in opposition to the rings of a far-off planet.

I traveled to the identical planet as Firestorm and noticed the ships myself. Based mostly on what I am seeing, these ships are showing in pairs within the sky, and up to now, they’re innocent. I did a fast tracing job on the ships I noticed, however even when zoomed in it is onerous to make out any particulars.

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helldivers 2

Onerous to make out, however the subsequent slide features a hint. (Picture credit score: Arrowhead Game Studios)
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helldivers 2

Traced over the shapes. (Picture credit score: Arrowhead Game Studios)

helldivers 2

(Picture credit score: Spartas72 through Reddit)

I am satisfied: the Automaton gunships Tremendous Earth warned us about aren’t simply “in improvement.” They’re already right here, and so they’re greater than I imagined. These aren’t simply dropships outfitted with weapons—they seem to be a new breed of airborne risk in Helldivers 2, and probably the biggest enemy within the game up to now. My query is: After they’re lastly able to strike, will they fly all the way down to our stage, or assault from low orbit? I positive hope it is not the latter, as a result of airstrikes cannot do something in opposition to a ship that top up.

Stories of cloaked ships are coming from each at the moment obtainable Automaton planet. We’ll update this story because it develops.

Cloaked large ships over Automaton worlds. from r/Helldivers