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If you want to play Way of The Hunter, you need this beginner guide full of tips and tricks. This is not an arcade shooter, nor is it a typical FPS. This game is a diehard hunting simulator with a steep learning curve and difficulty spikes. If you just jump in to this game with guns blazing, you are missing the point. Hunting takes patience and a quiet presence. But once you learn the ways of the hunter, so to speak, this game gets really addictive. You always tell yourself one more hunt, then suddenly it’s five a.m.

But if you really want to excel, follow this beginner’s guide of tips and tricks we put together for you. Once you get the flow of the game, you’ll never look back.

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Way of the Hunter Tips and Tricks Guide

Don’t Take Impossible Shots

While that may seem obvious, for people who grew up on faster gaming, your instincts might be to always fire at your target. But that is a plan for failure here. You are also likely to ruin a chance of getting the animal by scaring it off with missing shots. As you will learn, patience is key here.

There are other factors that work their way in, too. Bullet drop is a real thing, and from long distances, is pretty easy to have happen. Remember, hunting sim, not FPS. Over time you will get better with tougher shots, but know your weaknesses starting out.

Never Run (Unless You Have No Choice)

Another obvious entry, but most gamers are used to running and gunning. This is NOT the game for that. You understand running has lots of issues why it is a bad idea. The noise you make and the more likely you are to get your scent on the wind. All these things factor into whether or not you land a shot and make the kill.

Remember, you are the predator in this game, so to speak. Hunt quietly to hunt efficiently. It’s not about getting the kill fast. It’s about getting the kill clean.

Get Gud At Tracking

A good tracker is a great hunter. While some may hope to luck upon that buck, tracking an animal is a skill you need to master to master The Way of the Hunter. Though tracking can get quite complicated, once you master it, it will be second nature to you.

One great way to get better at tracking is learning the animals calls and sounds. The audio design in this game is phenomenal, and if you listen, you will often hear tells from certain animal breeds. Also, remember, height and open fields are a great way to get a decent idea where your trophy may be hiding or grazing unbeknownst to you.

Scopes are Your Best Friends

Obviously the toughest shots are going to require scopes. So weapon selection and how you choose to modify can make a huge difference on your kill shots. So do your best to get comfortable with one weapon, and then scope it out to make it reach maximum efficacy.

But also, spend some time playing around with scopes. They may all sound similar, but certain guns take better to certain scopes and so on. Once you find your ideal gun and ideal scope combo, the game opens up even more.

Follow That Blood Trail!

Blood is your best friend in Way of the Hunter.

That sounded weird, allow me to elaborate. When you wound an animal, they obviously bleed. Being that this is hunting sim, that blood trail is actually a great way to follow your wounded prey. You can also ping the animal’s location so you have an idea of its migration area in case it returns.

The game is so realistic down to every little detail, but when you get good, you feel like a genuine hunter.