I am beginning to assume that Blizzard actually is not eager on all of your Diablo 4 energy levelling strategies, guys. The corporate is recent off of a hotfix that utterly defanged the game’s juiciest, most XP-laden dungeons to cease you all from operating them again and again, however that wasn’t sufficient. Now Blizzard’s gone and patched out a trick that might let low-level gamers reap the advantages of World Tiers they hadn’t unlocked but.

Hotfix 11 for Diablo 4 (through Wowhead) got here out yesterday, and consisted of a whopping three bullet-pointed fixes. The primary amongst them was that it “Resolved a difficulty where gamers in World Tier 3 and World Tier 4 may invite others to their get together that weren’t eligible for these greater tiers”.

Beforehand, gamers had been in a position to get entry to Diablo 4’s third and fourth World Tiers—which are supposed to be gated till you’ve got overwhelmed the game—by becoming a member of a celebration began by somebody who was already in a type of tiers. Which may not sound that dramatic, however these higher-tier enemies pump out extra XP, extra gold, and rarer loot than their low-tier counterparts. They’re additionally a good bit tougher, however that does not actually matter in case you’ve bought your high-level pal with you to take in their blows and hit again.

However nothing gold can keep, and now you will have to really beat the game (and the capstone dungeon that follows) if you wish to get entry to these greater tiers. How gauche!

Other than trampling on my energy levelling goals, hotfix 11 additionally stayed on theme with a tweak that “mounted a difficulty where all World Tiers would show as unlocked when gamers might not have met the necessities”. Aside from that, its solely different patch be aware is “Additional stability and enhancements,” which is so imprecise that I nonetheless do not perceive why game firms even write it down.

Hotfix 11 was really launched on the identical day—June 15—as hotfix 10, however the notes on that one are much more sparse. It “resolved an unintended harm interplay with the Druid’s “Poisonous Claws” passive” in addition to added, you guessed it, “additional stability and enhancements”.