There are several Red Door locations in COD Warzone. Using these red portals, you can enter a room full of loot in the game. This will give you a clear advantage over the enemy in the game. However, you need to find these locations first. So let us find out where you can find these portals in Warzone.

Warzone red door
Source: PCGN
  • Inside the fully-built plane in the Factory.
  • Under the half-built plane in the Factory.
  • Above inside the northwest end of Salt Mine’s northern most building.
  • Located towards the Large building the southwest end of Salt Mine.
  • In the central building of Summit.
  • In the Old Mine southwest of Summit.
  • At the west side of the Stadium located on the scoreboard.
  • Under the commentator’s box at the south end of the Stadium.
  • On the 2nd floor of Nakatomi Plaza.

Some important notes-

The locations listed above cannot guarantee the location of the red gate. The red door can appear at one of these points in the game, but not everywhere. All the Red Door locations listed above in Warzone are currently available. As players further explore the map, new locations may be added in the future.

In addition, once a player enters the red door, it will be closed for all other players in the game. This red door will randomly teleport players to any place on the Verdansk map. In these rooms, you will find legendary chests, as well as epic weapons and ammunition.