Warzone newbie's guide: Tricks to survive, keep away from the Gulag, and safe the dub

Call of Duty has done a tremendous job with its FPS games for some while now. No matter which game one picks for their gaming, they are sure to be delighted with the experience, especially Warzone, which is one of their latest offerings.

Call of Duty: Warzone, by all accounts, is one of the most popular online FPS battle royale games, and one can quickly look at the latest download charts to verify this claim. Even after a year of its launch, it is still going strong. But while it is popular, one should not assume that gameplay is straightforward. In fact, even veterans are known to struggle from time to time, even with the Aimclub hacks and cheats. If you are experiencing something along the same lines, and want to improve your Warzone experience, follow the below-listed tips to the letter.

1. Adjust your settings

It all starts with your gameplay setting. Naturally, it cannot be stressed enough how vital the gameplay settings are. It could work as a difference-maker between a good round and a great round. Beginners often do not make any changes to the gameplay settings, which are fine; they need first to get accustomed to the game. But what after one understands the game mechanics and wants to start going for the win every round. Then the game settings become incredibly crucial, and the players must make changes. You need to do that as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk never unleashing your full potential in the game.

2. Start trimming the competition during the drop.

Unlike the other FPS online games where the players cannot do much until they are on the ground, COD: Warzone is more challenging, allowing one to start trimming the herd even during the drop. This unique feature in the game makes it quite exciting and gives it an edge over competitors in the segment. The logic behind it is kind of obvious as well. Why would you want to allow your enemies to get a safe drop when you can easily take them out. So, in your next round, do just that. Additionally, you need to start looking over your shoulder during the drop.

3. Be aware of any tall buildings.

It is not a bit of unique advice to COD: Warzone, but it still is surprising how often gamers forget about it. If you see a tall building in your line of sight, expect it to be housing at least one sniper ready to take you out. Assuming anything else would be foolhardy. While Call of Duty is a fast-paced game, it is also a survival one, and what better could be the strategy than waiting in a high-rise building and picking unsuspecting players out one after another. So, the wisest course of action for you would always be to assume a sniper lurking in every tall building and waiting for an opportunity to take you out.

4. Complete your contracts

Completing the contracts is the quickest way to make some money in the game and get that crucial drop and killstreaks that can genuinely make a difference. Unlike other games where quests are often a side hustle, some missions that players can always ignore, doing so in Warzone can have disastrous consequences. So, focusing on the contracts is a wise strategy for one to follow.

Several different types of contracts are available there for one to take. There are bounty, recon, scavenger, and other types of contracts. But for beginners and inexperienced players, opting for scavenger contracts is the smarter choice. Not only is the pay good enough, but the risk is significantly lower as well, especially compared to a hunt contract.

5. Stick with your team

This is advice for players who like to play as a team. If you are part of a team, play as part of the team. What is the point of going solo in a team match when sooner or later, you would be outgunned in a fight? It is far easier for experienced players to pick out stragglers who are playing with no cohesion and strategy. It is not a winning strategy for a game like COD: Warzone.

Another benefit of sticking with your team is that any opponent would give a second thought before taking on a whole squad on their own.