The more time players spend with a game, the more likely they’ll find ways to break or exploit it. Sadly, that’s already happening with Warzone 2. A new glitch is making players rich, easily giving them over a million in-game dollars. While glitches are nothing new for the game, this one threatens to greatly offset progression. What’s worse, a broken economy can create a greater disparity between players. For now, there’s no word on how long the glitch will be active. However, players are quickly spreading the details in the meantime.

Warzone 2 Money Glitch

Warzone 2 was released just weeks ago, and players have already discovered a glitch to get rich quickly. When used, the glitch instantly deposits $1.3 million in the player’s account. Since money is obviously valuable and not easily obtained, many players have jumped on this to get a leg up in the competition.

To make matters worse, the glitch is relatively easy to use, meaning that even the most novice player can take advantage of it. It’s also a fairly new discovery, so the game’s developers have yet to release a response for it. There’s little doubt that a patch is being thrown together as quickly as possible. But for now, the effects seem to be running unabated.

As usual, we’d advise Warzone 2 players to exercise caution when approaching the situation. Glitches and exploits that affect gameplay are usually addressed swiftly and firmly. There’s plenty of precedence for game bans when it comes to exploiting economy. Still, the allure of getting such a massive advantage this early after release has many players considering the risk.

Warzone 2 has had a number of glitches since its launch, including the notorious “Invisibility” glitch, as covered by IGN. Now with this latest money glitch, the competitive balance of the game may be at risk. Let’s hope the development team can get this problem under reigns quickly. If not, this war zone may become much more chaotic than anticipated.

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