At this time is the official launch day for Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, and which means it is also the day for the launch-day patch. It is a massive one—”Ogryn sized,” as developer Fatshark put it, and in case you are not conversant in the time period that is an ogryn within the picture above—with modifications aimed toward each enhancing stability and bringing in plenty of new options.

There are literally two patches out right now: 1.0.10, for all PC platforms (Steam and Microsoft Retailer), and 1.0.11, which is Steam unique, but additionally accommodates all of the fixes in 1.0.10. It might appear a bit complicated however Fatshark stated the content material and weapon balancing modifications are equivalent in each patches, and that it goals to have “parity” in update numbering in future patches.

Each updates are beefy, with fixes specializing in stability, matchmaking and community disconnections, and gameplay changes and balancing. Builders are additionally specializing in enhancing Darktide’s ray tracing efficiency, which has been disabled on AMD and Intel GPUs whereas builders work on hardware-specific points.

“Please, preserve reporting points, and specific your ideas in our Discord channel and Fatshark Discussion board,” Fatshark stated. “On our social channels, we additionally present common updates.”

The complete patch notes are under:



  • Mounted a difficulty where some Armoury Change headpieces hid the Ogryn beards.
  • Mounted some seen black spots on higher physique cosmetics obtained via Sire Melk’s Requisitorium.
  • Veterans ought to now put on the proper gloves on the Sire Melk’s Requisitorium obtained / Penance earned cosmetics.
  • Mounted a difficulty where participant outlines had been lacking on some cosmetics.

SFX / Audio

  • Atrox Mk IV & VII Tactical Axes and Antax Mk V & Achlys Mk VIII Fight Axes now have block sounds.
  • Mounted ambient audio slicing out and in at the beginning of HL17-36 Smelter Complicated.
  • Turned up the audio of Scab Ragers.
  • Mounted a difficulty where Ogryn footstep sounds had been out of sync together with his massive ol’ ft.
  • Mounted a difficulty where there was no sound when blocking while reviving.
  • Mounted a difficulty where audio could be lacking on equipping the Maccabian Dueling Sword.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the wrong voice line could be performed on mission update, or it wouldn’t play in any respect.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the audio wouldn’t match the subtitles for Ogryn’s voice traces when Psyker is low on health.
  • Mounted a difficulty where music could be absent or quiet throughout fight.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Plague Ogryn could be lacking the suitable audio results on sure assaults.
  • Mounted a difficulty where Scab Ragers had the flawed sound results assigned to them.


  • Atrox Tactical Axes ought to now have the proper UI icons.
  • Turtolsky Heavy Swords ought to now have the proper “Smiter” icons and never “Tank” icons.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Penance ‘Flawless Execution’ had deceptive necessities.
  • The Scab Rager ought to now not seem as “Dreg Rager” when tagged or within the kill feed or Meat Grinder.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the trait “Hearth Frenzy” had an incomplete description.
  • Mounted a difficulty where gamepad gamers weren’t clearly knowledgeable on find out how to use the Auspex Scanner.
  • It ought to now be attainable to entry your loadout within the pre-game foyer.
  • Mounted a difficulty where menus couldn’t be navigated simply utilizing a controller.
  • Mounted a difficulty where merchandise rarity wouldn’t be displayed within the end-of-round reward screens.
  • Mounted some points where issues would seem missized or within the flawed decision within the Tactical Overlay (Tab).
  • Mounted a difficulty where scrolling by mouse-wheel in chat didn’t work.


  • Mounted a difficulty where assaults wouldn’t animate accurately if carried out instantly after being surprised.
  • Turtolsky Heavy Swords now have the proper assault path on particular assaults.
  • Mounted a difficulty where sprinting & inspecting weapons creates a stuttering animation loop.
  • Maccabian Dueling Swords ought to now not have a bizarre arm rotation on stab assaults.
  • Ogryn’s Heavy weapons ought to now not overlap with the opposite gamers in the course of the cinematic scenes.
  • Made some enhancements to participant motion animations within the Mourningstar.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Catachan Mk III Fight Blade was lacking heavy block to idle animation transitions.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the primary shot when sprinting and shooting with the Accatran MG Mk II Heavy Laspistol seemed wonk.
  • The Bull Butcher Mk III Cleaver and Krourk Mk IV Cleaver ought to now use the proper animation occasions for when an assault is stopped by reaching its cleave restrict.
  • The Brute-Brainer Mk III Latrine Shovel ought to now have the suitable sweep trails when swinging round like Ogryn do.
  • Zarona Mk IIa Quickdraw Stub Revolver ought to now have follow-up melee assault animations whereas aiming with the weapon.
  • The Pressure Workers ought to now return into the cost animation after utilizing the Psyker capability.
  • Mounted a bunch of animation points seen from third-person use of the Foe-Rend Ripper Weapons.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the ‘prepared up’ mannequin animations wouldn’t show for all gamers within the foyer.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Chainsword wouldn’t animate accurately when sprinting.
  • Mounted an animation difficulty that might happen on heavy assault with the Fight Axes.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Mounted a difficulty where Finish of Spherical may typically not be proven to gamers.
  • Sharpshooter “Counterfire” Feat description ought to now describe Cultists as an moreover affected faction as meant.
  • Mounted a difficulty where double %% was proven on the Decimator weapon perk.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the “Your Belief Stage is rising” messages may spam gamers within the Mourningstar.
  • Penances for killing particular Cultist enemies ought to now have progress tracked as meant.
  • Failing a mission ought to now not grant you the crafting supplies you present in that run. Soz.
  • The Commonplace-issue Munitorum Sapper Shovel ought to now apply the proper wounding decals on enemies.
  • Vraks & Agripinaa Headhunter Autoguns ought to now have the proper crosshairs.
  • The Artemia Mk III Purgation Flamer ought to now have a gasoline canister put in as anticipated.
  • Mounted a difficulty where it wasn’t attainable to activate flashlights on weapons with flashlights whereas sprinting.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the digicam sway behaved weirdly when beneath 60FPS.
  • Characters ought to now not slide in idle motion when swapping between weapons.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Zealot capability could be canceled if getting shot or accelerating backward at the beginning of the cost.
  • Mounted a difficulty where sprinting whereas holding weapon particular with the Vraks & Agripinaa Headhunter Autoguns brought about an unpleasant chain loop.
  • Mounted a difficulty where it was attainable to dash and shoot with the Vraks & Agripinaa Headhunter Autoguns even with out the ‘Run n’ Gun’ trait.
  • Mounted a difficulty where Ogryn may get stun-locked by Dreg Stalker, and Scab Stalker ranged assaults.
  • Mounted a difficulty that might stop two gamers from partying up.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Pressure Workers may have the wrong crosshair.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Flame Workers VFX would render poorly when the digicam is moved down → up.
  • Mounted the outline of the ‘Quickflame’ Weapon Trait being unclear.
  • Mounted a difficulty where Ogryn’s fingers would seem low-resolution.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Laspistol would show incorrectly within the third-person view.
  • Mounted a difficulty where Kinetic Flayer could possibly be activated when an enemy is broken by a tick of the Soulfire debuff.
  • Mounted a difficulty where participant flashlights could be switched on after a cutscene.
  • Mounted a difficulty where gamers may respawn with the Corruption that they had earlier than dying.
  • Mounted a difficulty where equipping a weapon of the identical Mk didn’t work as anticipated within the Meat Grinder.
  • Mounted a difficulty where ammunition in magazines wouldn’t lower as anticipated.
  • Mounted a difficulty where fireplace decals would flicker after the explosion of a barrel.
  • Mounted a difficulty where canceling reload with one other motion will show the journal as nonetheless within the weapon.
  • Mounted varied Weapon Trait descriptions that weren’t described clearly to gamers.
  • Mounted a difficulty where switching weapons may cancel sprinting.
  • Mounted a difficulty where gamers could possibly be moved up as an alternative of being pushed away in explosions.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the textual content cursor couldn’t be positioned between letters throughout character creation.
  • Mounted varied enter queue points.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the mouse wheel couldn’t be looped to swap weapons.
  • Mounted a difficulty where some push assaults would have an extended than anticipated restoration time.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Pox Hound may turn out to be invisible after attacking a participant.
  • Mounted a difficulty where affect decals may wrap round 90-degree corners.
  • Mounted a difficulty where increasing from Windowed to Fullscreen mode didn’t work as anticipated.
  • Mounted a difficulty where a mission wouldn’t routinely begin when the timer reaches 0, if one participant hasn’t chosen ‘Prepared’.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Pox Hound may end up in a participant changing into caught in a everlasting “attacked” state.

Weapons & Steadiness

  • Turtolsky Mk IX Heavy Sword now has the proper energy stage.
  • Mounted a difficulty where it was attainable to dodge-slide-kite for an unintended period of time with the Catachan Mk III Fight Blade.
  • Lucius Helbore Lasgun charged shots ought to now chain into zoomed bayonet assaults appropriately.
  • Agripinaa, Graia & Columnus Braced Autogun weapon specials ought to now interrupt sprinting.
  • Mounted a difficulty where not all stats had been working accurately for Ogryn Cleavers.
  • Weapon traits can now not be activated by completely different weapons and assaults
  • Changes made to slowdowns and stuns on hit. Changes made to Toughness bleedthrough:
  • – Diminished slowdown on hit durations for mild and medium gorgeous hits
  • – Improve stun immunity durations when gamers undergo gorgeous hits
  • – Added immunity to look overrides, pushes, and ADS interrupts when in stun immunity – ought to clear up and interface when gamers can act and assist keep away from aiming dashes, and so forth. whereas being shot at.
  • – Barely elevated stun durations for mild hits
  • – Set all dodge rely reset timers to 0.85s for all weapons and classes. (down from 1.0s on many, however not all, weapons)
  • – Eliminated minimal bleed-through of 10% injury no matter toughness on melee hits. 100% toughness now blocks all injury. Harm discount based mostly on toughness on the time of strike (So at 75% toughness, the injury is lowered by 75%)

Zones & Missions

  • Mounted a difficulty where typically the mid-level elevator wouldn’t show up on Refinery Delta-17.
  • Enemies ought to now not have the ability to stroll via a chainlink gate at the beginning of Relay Station TRS-150.
  • Mounted a difficulty where Grenades may drop via the surroundings in a single space throughout HL-16-11 Chasm Station.
  • Mounted a difficulty where a wall encountered in HL-16-11 Chasm Station would don’t have any collision.

Stability & Efficiency

  • Mounted numerous unspecifiable crashes.
  • Numerous enhancements to efficiency.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen when making purchases or navigating again via the menus in Sire Melk’s Requisitorium.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen on the second heavy cost of the Orox Battle Maul.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen on choosing sure weapons within the Armory Change.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen on the credit display screen.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen on choosing a tattoo for Ogryn.
  • Mounted a crash that might happen after choosing tattoos in fast succession.

1.0.11 (STEAM ONLY)


  • The chosen Display screen Mode ought to now accurately apply when beginning up the game.
  • Heavy eviscerator ought to now have stat particulars on “shredder” and “cleave targets” stats
  • Mounted a difficulty where the “Bombs Away!” Ogryn trait description wasn’t clear.
  • Zealot capability “Chastise the Depraved” ought to now show the suitable quantity of toughness restored within the description.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Ogryn’s Blastoom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet injury stats weren’t explicitly famous as solely affecting melee injury.
  • Mounted a difficulty where Strike Group Members’ character ranges confirmed your personal stage within the Mourningstar.
  • Mounted a difficulty where some subtitles could possibly be caught on display screen when the dialogue has lengthy since handed.


  • Mounted a difficulty where the Blastoom Mk III Grenadier Gauntlet readying animation prevented switching weapons.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Nomanus Mk VI Surge Pressure Workers electrical impact may get caught on display screen when switching weapons.

Fixes & Tweaks

  • Mounted a difficulty where it was attainable to unlock Veteran penances whereas enjoying one other class.
  • The veteran’s “Counterfire” feat has been mounted and now ought to operate as meant.
  • Ogryn’s “Continuous Violence” feat ought to now not take away the velocity enhance from his fundamental capability
  • Mk VIIa Recon Lasgun’s flashlight ought to now keep lit when turned on.
  • The Lucius sample lasgun ought to now fireplace constantly when utilizing a gamepad
  • Ogryn’s Slap hitbox ought to now match its animation
  • Mounted an enter buffer difficulty with switching from Surge Workers to Mind Burst.

Zones & Missions

  • We now have elevated the variety of supplies obtained per decide up of Diamantine, and Plasteel present in missions.

Stability & Efficiency

  • Mounted a difficulty where DLSS and FSR settings weren’t accurately saved to the user_settings file when modified/utilized.
  • Made some VFX optimizations on participant flamer, resolving an FPS drop that might happen if a participant constantly sprayed a floor near the digicam for too lengthy.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Framerate Cap setting was not making use of accurately on beginning the game.
  • Mounted a crash with the Daemonhost that might happen when a goal will get deleted throughout warp teleport
  • Mounted a crash that might happen on some Maccabian Duelling Sword assaults.

Steadiness & Weapons

  • Chaos Hounds ought to now not obtain operating stagger from pushes
  • Poxburster is now not stagger immune after being staggered whereas operating
  • Mounted injury vs. elite/horde/specials perks to 40/60/80% bonus injury
  • Mounted a difficulty where the ‘Infernus’ ranged weapon perk was additionally activated by melee stab/bash particular assaults.
  • Gamers ought to now not have the ability to seek the advice of with the Warp and have infinite warmth discount for his or her plasma gun.
  • Atrox MK II Axe now has a cancelable push-attack restoration
  • Zealot’s “Enemies Inside, Enemies With out” expertise ought to now operate as anticipated.
  • There ought to now be extra verticality when aiming with the Surge Pressure Workers
  • Psyker ought to now not forcibly swap to their melee weapon from Mind Burst
  • Grenadier Gauntlet melee assaults ought to now register to their appropriate injury profiles
  • Psykers can now cancel Dueling Sword assaults into Mind Burst
  • Boltgun ought to now cease firing when a participant hits reload
  • Psyker’s Pressure Workers ought to now cease charging whereas quelling Peril.
  • Tweaked netgunner so reload triggers extra usually
  • Tweaked particular spawning:
  • – Duplicate specials ought to now spawn much less steadily
  • – Diminished the variety of specials that may spawn in coordinated strikes
  • – Coordinated strikes now use extra randomized spawns
  • – Added offset timers to assist house out particular spawning
  • Mounted a difficulty where Orestes Mk IV Assault Chainaxe push assaults couldn’t be canceled into rev / particular motion.
  • Mounted a difficulty where the Artemia Mk III Purgation Flamer may get a crit perk regardless of being unable to crit.
  • All weapon traits have had their energy curves modified from Logarithmic to both Linear or Exponential curves as an alternative.

The update additionally features a new zone referred to as Habzone HL-19-24, “Throneside,” which has been unexpectedly overrun by enemy forces. Your mission: Lower off their provide traces earlier than they will consolidate their positions after which wipe ’em out.

(Picture credit score: Fatshark)

There’s additionally a pair of latest missions in Freight Port HL-32-2, “The Hourglass”:

  • Refinery Delta-17 – Seems that one of many Hourglass’ gasoline refineries is getting used to tradition a pathogen. Get entry to stated refinery through stream management, then construct overpressure within the gestation chambers to destroy it. The dangerous information is that it is all enemy territory, so it’d get sticky. 

(Picture credit score: Fatshark)
  • Excise Vault Spireside-13 – The Heretics are utilizing one of many previous Excise Vaults to retailer samples of their newest contagion, and Interrogator Rannick needs one for examine. To get into the Vault, you may want a cypher-ident… and for that, you may have to brute drive entry to a servitor colony. You should utilize the previous pneumatic conveyor to get the samples out. Then you could find your personal exit.

(Picture credit score: Fatshark)

And naturally, there are a variety of recognized points which can be nonetheless being labored on. Ray tracing tops the checklist, however there are a handful of different issues that at present persist:

  • Ray tracing is at present disabled for AMD and Intel GPU customers whereas investigating points associated to our help for these GPU’s. We’re working intently with our {hardware} companions to resolve this as quickly as attainable. Till then,
    ray tracing is turned off by default
    to keep away from any points in enjoying the game.
  • Ray tracing optimization and efficiency. That is an space we proceed to work on, and see points with efficiency.
  • We at present don’t help customers on IPv6-only networks. This usually means a participant requires a VPN to play the game. The intention is to help IPv6 within the close to future.
  • Within the Weapon Element Display screen, there’s a recognized crash when inspecting the weapon injury breakdown of sure weapons (e.g. lasgun torch).
  • Sudden crash to desktop with dialogue popup – usually referred to as “GPU Hold”.
  • Switching between windowed mode and fullscreen may end up in adjusted decision and impasse in some uncommon instances.
  • Engaged on delivering lacking Twitch Drops to a choose few gamers. We hope to have this resolved inside every week.
  • Incapability to merge strike groups. If you happen to decide to merge your strike workforce on the finish of a mission, it can at present not work and can show a model mismatch error.
  • Some customers could not have some premium foreign money packs obtainable on Microsoft Retailer.
  • if toughness is above 100 (veteran or anybody who’s stacked +toughness curios), they will nonetheless take injury.

The update additionally has a brief FAQ and a few useful hyperlinks that gamers may discover helpful, one to a efficiency weblog and one other with data on Twitch Drops.

We’re nonetheless engaged on our full Warhammer 40,000: Darktide assessment, however declared in our review-in-progress that it is “a worthy successor to Vermintide, however nonetheless wants a good bit of labor.” It is also been battling queues, though we anticipate (or at the least) that will probably be cleared up quickly.