As somebody who often evaluations video games for an internet site that always evaluations video games, I in all probability should not be saying this, however… my favourite game evaluations are on Steam, written by gamers. I am particularly speaking a couple of sure kind of game evaluation that often comes within the type of a sentence or two, adopted by a rating. And that rating is all the time “10/10.”

You in all probability know these evaluations: they often describe some kind of bizarre or humorous emergent conduct. As an illustration, a Far Cry 5 evaluation that claims one thing like “Went fishing, enemy soldier attacked me however bought killed by a bear, I shot the bear however bought mauled by a mountain lion. 10/10.” Or typically its easier, like a evaluation of Elden Ring that claims “Will let Malenia step on me once more – 10/10.”

With Dwarf Fortress in the end launching on Steam as we speak, I went evaluation diving as a result of if there’s ever been a game with weird emergent conduct and followers who find it irresistible, it is DF. And I wasn’t upset. Here is just a few 10/10 evaluations (and a few scored a lot greater) I discovered in only a couple minutes on Steam.

Mike: “Began a stunning fortress, constructed into the aspect of a mountain, subsequent to a fish stocked river. Migrants joined, commerce was booming and two migrant kids jumped into the river and drowned. They got here again as ghosts and proceeded to behead the opposite members of the fortress. 10/10”

Rando: “Misplaced half my dwarves to dehydration, turned their bones into commerce items. 10/10 would get haunted once more.”

The krut: “10/10 would watch Urist McWoodcutter get crushed by a falling tree once more”

Marcus: “Completed the tutorial and my fortress nearly instantly flooded killing practically everybody 10/10 GOTY / decade”

(Picture credit score: Steam)

Spankleford: “Two dwarfs drowned and weren’t discovered for a number of months, a yak was jailed, and a goat vomited all over the place outdoors whereas my fortress was slowly being swallowed by miasma. Rimworld needs it was this foolish. 15/10 DF is definitely a lot enjoyable.”

Damage: “Alligators ended all the things loads prior to anybody ever anticipated 10/10 GOTY”

Anden: “10/10, would die to zombie carps once more.”

Vespero: “One in every of my miners bought in a battle with a kitten and needed to be hospitalized, then my Chief Medical Dwarf died in a mining incident and the miner died of dehydration 11/10”

(Picture credit score: Steam)

TuGun Jr.: “Been taking part in for a while now and eventually bought it on steam. I began an embark subsequent to a river and my miner spawned in and drowned with out me realizing for the primary couple of minutes till i noticed dwarves have been horrified. 11/10 would embark once more.”


Proctorg76: “I have never even completed worldgen and but due to the brand new reside stream of historic occasions it’s 12 months 417 and I’m watching two civs named The Playful Flute and The Curled Nuts steamroll all the world and start a chilly battle with one another. 10/10 GOTY.”

(Picture credit score: Steam)

I am a fucking elf: “I simply flooded my first fortress as a result of I dug via a frozen river with out realizing – till it thawed. 10/10 would drown in ice chilly water once more.”

Legion: “Первая же крепость была уничтожена стаей гигантских Орлов ещё до прихода первого пополнения.Просто 10/10”

(Through Google translation: “The very first fortress was destroyed by a flock of large Eagles even earlier than the arrival of the primary replenishment. Simply 10/10”)

FlatBoulders: “You can also make pets burst into flames… it is a 10/10.”

(Picture credit score: Steam)

To shut issues out, there’s even a destructive evaluation, sad in regards to the Steam overlay. The rating continues to be surprisingly excessive:

TommyTwoTimes: “Steam Overlay would not work!!!! FIX EEET REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  10/10”