Vampire Survivors
Vampire Survivors

Because there are so many different weapons in Vampire Survivors, a Tier List is necessary to determine which is the best. Having a wide range of weaponry options is always a plus in any game. That is simply because they increase the replay value of the game. They also provide unique experiences with entirely diverse constructions. Unfortunately, not every weapon is pleasant. As a result, we’ll take a look at this Tier List of the greatest weapons to use in this game.

best weapons tier list for vampire survivors
La BorraS Tier
Unholy VespersS Tier
King BibleS Tier
HellfireS Tier
Cherry BombS Tier
Santa WaterS Tier
Holy WandS Tier
Magic WandA Tier
Thousand EdgeA Tier
KnifeA Tier
Death SpiralA Tier
AxeA Tier
MannajjaA Tier
Heaven SwordA Tier
CrossA Tier
Fire WandA Tier
Song of ManaA Tier
CarrélloA Tier
Bloody TearA Tier
Thunder LoopB Tier
WhipB Tier
RunetracerB Tier
Lightning RingB Tier
Clock LancetB Tier
Gorgeous MoonB Tier
PentagramC Tier
Gatti AmariC Tier
BoneC Tier
Soul EaterD Tier
GarlicD Tier