Vampire Survivors
Vampire Survivors Pummarola | How To Get

Luca Galante’s Vampire Survivors is a 2D roguelike and shoot’em up indie game. It is available on Steam for $ 3 for early access. Despite the fact that the game was relatively unknown, it has amassed a following of over 80,000 players. It is a portable and arcade game that demands players to survive till daylight. Pummarola is without a doubt one of the things in the game that may be used to regain lost HP. So, here’s our approach to obtaining Pummarola in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get Pummarola in Vampire Survivors

You can get it by surviving and grinding for 5 minutes as Gennaro Belpaese. Gennaro Belpase may be unlocked in Vampire Survivors by purchasing it for 550 dollars. Once you’ve unlocked Gennaro Belpase, you may have to enhance him to last 5 minutes. Although it appears to be simple to outlast 5 minutes into the game, it will not be.

You may also collect Pummarola in the bottom of Mad Forest. It is a product that delivers a 0.2 HP per second restoration on all of its levels. There are 5 ranges to pummarola that continue to include a 0.2 HP as you unlock each level. As you progress through its stages, it may grant up to +1 HP every second.

If you want to evolve Garlic into a Soul eater, you’ll need Pummarola to complete the process. You can boost its repair rate even more by pairing it with Recovery Power up. Furthermore, by participating in it with Suor Clerici, you can improve your HP restoration rate. Throughout the game, you may unlock the Suor Clerci for 9000 Gold and 1000 HP.