We are beyond the full release of Vampire Survivors, and there are so many characters to unlock and enjoy! Each of these characters are critical for the game’s replayability, and they all offer a specific weapon that they can grant the rest of the roster. Concetta in Vampire Survivors is the owner of the shadow pinion, a rather powerful but strange weapon that takes a lot of getting used to. However, Concetta might be the most annoying survivor to unlock. Let’s find her and break her out of her coffin together.

How to Unlock Concetta in Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock Concetta in Vampire Survivors, you must climb the Gallo Tower. Try to get the map from the Dairy Plant so that you can go towards the “?” icon on the right side of the map. Then, when you are adjacent to the question mark icon, head into the mirror on the left side of the tower. This will teleport you into Concetta’s room, where you can crack open her coffin and unlock her.

Concetta is a guitar-playing sorceress, which is already great. Her special passive is a 1% increase in area size per level. Over the course of a run, you can expect her to get some pretty incredible weapon size. She works very well with weapons like Holy Water and the Axe.

You will want to get the map from the Dairy Farm and Hyper Mode for Gallo Tower. The map is obvious, since you will otherwise need to touch each mirror on the left side of the Gallo Tower. Hyper Mode will let you get to Concetta a bit easier, since it will improve your movement speed and let you get up through the tiles faster.

Shadow Pinion, Concetta’s main weapon, is a strange tool that only fires after you move, and in the direction that you’re looking. It evolves by using the Wings, and is the only weapon to do so. This weapon, and the Valkyrie Tuner, require a lot of time and attention. You need to move a set distance and then stop in the direction that you want your Pinions to fire.

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