Valve’s new game Aperture Desk Job might be not what you anticipated, launching near the Steam Deck

Screenshot through Valve

Valve has launched a model new game in conjecture with the just-released Steam Deck. However, the game might be not what most gamers have been anticipating. Called the Aperture Desk Job, it’s a first-person title where gamers management a “product inspector.” The game is about in the identical universe because the Portal collection, and will probably be a free game that may launch on March 1.

A brief trailer for Aperture Desk Job reveals that the game can have a tongue-in-cheek narrative. There’s a narrator within the trailer that mocks the participant’s job, and the participant is testing loads of odd merchandise, together with a rest room. The aesthetics of the game are just like that of Portal, with a robotic that appears just like Wheatley from Portal 2 helping the participant. Even the game’s title, Aperture Desk Job, is a reference to Aperture Laboratories within the Portal video games.

Aperture Desk Job is assessed as a brief game, and Valve claims it’ll use the hand-held features of the Steam Deck to the fullest.

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