Valve’s acquired some official Steam Deck docks at Tokyo Game Show, and is utilizing them to cost their demo fashions. We’ve solely had a have a look at renders thus far, however the Dock appears to be like just about exactly because it was presupposed to be.

Eagle-eyed Reddit consumer ElderberryLarge9104 snapped some pictures of the dock, one with deck complete and one other of simply the ports.

the_official_dock_is_casually_being_shown_off_at from r/SteamDeck

clear_look_at_the_back_of_the_official_steam_deck from r/SteamDeck

The official Steam Deck Docking Station was marketed on the Steam Deck web page from its inception. It was initially to return a while this 12 months, however was delayed in June attributable to “parts shortages and COVID closures at our manufacturing facilities.” Their estimate is that it will show up in late spring, hopefully they imply 2023.

We do not actually know that a lot in regards to the Steam Deck Docking Station, or what performance it might need past the purely apparent, which I would not anticipate it to have however you by no means know. Two years in the past I would not have mentioned that Valve was making a handheld PC however right here we’re. Me writing, you studying.

Valve’s description says that the dock “props up your Steam Deck while connecting to external displays, wired networking, USB peripherals, and power.” Which, yep, that is about exactly what these ports on the images do.

Valve’s dock did get beat to the market by a dock from Jsaux, which our Katie Wickens referred to as “sturdy and practical” regardless of some “frustrating limitations” within the PC Gamer evaluate. You may simply purchase a powered USB-C hub, nevertheless it will not have slightly tray to take a seat your deck in.

Valve’s sales space at Tokyo Game Show is fairly cool, to be trustworthy. Amid conventions nonetheless being cancelled attributable to COVID and provide constraints inflicting delays, the Steam Deck did not get the large in-person preview remedy that previous {hardware} releases from Valve did. On Twitter, Valve designer Lawrence Yang did a quickie walkthrough of how their sales space works.

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Beyond that have a look at the sales space, Valve launched a cool booklet in regards to the Deck’s growth. We additionally acquired a have a look at a bunch of Steam Deck’s in-progress growth fashions, and even acquired to see how Half-Life 2 ran on a Steam Deck prototype.

Anyway, good spot on the dock put up, NME.