Following the discharge of its documentary on canceled Valve video games, DidYouKNowGaming has made a group of previously-unavailable Valve idea artwork free to download on the Web Archive. The trove comes courtesy of David McGreavy, a video games business skilled and self-professed Valve superfan.

McGreavy, who most lately was a advertising producer for 2K on video games like Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, describes having a number of inside connections at Valve within the DYKG documentary. One such worker saved the items from being junked when Valve moved workplaces, and later bought them to McGreavy.

Along with The Huge One⁠—Half Life 2: Episode 3⁠—McGreavy’s assortment comprises artwork for Left 4 Lifeless, a really early model of Half-Life: Alyx tentatively titled “Alyx and Canine,” Dota spinoff Underlords, and the legendary Valve area pirate game, Stars of Blood. The Web Archive put up additionally makes point out of “Counter-Strike: Source 2,” which is actually a joke game I saved proposing within the lead as much as the announcement of Counter-Strike 2, the fifth game within the Counter-Strike sequence and follow-up to International Offensive.

DYKG’s video states that the workplace move which prompted this artwork being discarded occurred in 2016, so I would presume the gathering of de_dust mockups right here had been for a follow-up to 2004’s Counter-Strike: Source, what would finally develop into International Offensive in 2011.

The Episode 3 items principally include rocky, desert vistas stuffed with scrapped ships, all with one other Mix Citadel looming within the background. These may make sense because the arctic environment of the Borealis, the Aperture Science vessel central to Episode 3’s deliberate plot, with the Mix’s terraforming having reworked the atmosphere into this wasteland. We additionally get a peek of what’s presumably the ship’s inside, in addition to a Mix Advisor-ified model of base game antagonist Wallace Breen, who would have gotten the Duke Leto II Atreides remedy in Episode 3.

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a slug, worm creature laid out in a grey void next to a marble bust

Episode 3 idea artwork of Breen as an Advisor. (Picture credit score: Valve, David McGreavy)
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Alyx and Dog looking out into strange, alien desert vista with towering rock formations

Alyx and Canine idea artwork. (Picture credit score: Valve, David McGreavy)
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rickety bridge leading into spooky town

Dota Underlords idea artwork. (Picture credit score: Valve, David McGreavy)
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mock up of a highly detailed, warmly lit middle eastern square, presumably a remake of de_dust

A “Counter-Strike Source 2” de_dust mockup (Picture credit score: Valve, David McGreavy)
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Valve concept art showing man in jumpsuit in profile, woman with bugeye glasses facing camera

Stars of Blood character artwork. (Picture credit score: Valve, David McGreavy)

The brand new Stars of Blood artwork items had been of specific curiosity to me as glimpses of one other story-driven Valve game, however do not reveal a lot. Probably the most stunning element to me had been what look like Mix dropships in one of many photos, a attainable trace to Stars of Blood having been meant to share a universe with Half-Life and Portal. I used to be additionally intrigued by the vaguely Giger-y, biomechanical cast to the character ideas.

The Underlords artwork exhibits off a sort of spooky, Halloween-y city, whereas Alyx and Canine options one other set of rocky moonscapes with the titular characters. The Left 4 Lifeless folder options some alternate character artwork, in addition to some scrapped zombie designs.

The entire trove, in addition to DYKG’s deep dive into the topic, are an interesting peek backstage of an iconic and secretive developer. As an added bonus, the documentary was narrated by Clint Basinger, creator of retro PC channel LGR and steward of the Bear-a-Byte PC, a beige Pentium 3 tower inside a large Ikea Teddy bear.