Jett Valorant

Image through Riot Games

Since launch, Jett has all the time felt misplaced in Valorant. As the one Agent with an on-demand sprint means — a vertical one in addition, and one she may use a number of instances per match — she broke the pacing of the game and made fastidiously calculated performs towards her really feel like coin tosses. Her Tailwind had no downsides and required no premeditation, not like nearly all different Agent talents in Valorant. Riot is now not turning a blind eye to this and is nerfing Jett’s Tailwind in patch 4.08 to repair what it describes as an “unhealthy” mechanic.

In patch 4.08, Tailwind will likely be introduced in step with many different Valorant Agent talents with comparable influence by receiving an acceptable wind-up. Instead of dashing immediately on keypress, Jett will now obtain a 12-second sprint “window” after activating Tailwind, throughout which she will be able to reactivate the flexibility to sprint. She can’t merely double-click both, as there’s a small delay between pressing Tailwind and the sprint window opening. If she doesn’t sprint throughout these 12 seconds, her Tailwind cost is misplaced, although she will be able to nonetheless achieve prices by eliminating enemy Agents.

This change gained’t make Jett any much less lethal of an opponent in aggressive Valorant, it might simply drive her customers to reframe how they use Tailwind. No longer will it work as a get-out-of-jail-free card.