As you start exploring the brand new Valheim Mistlands biome, one of many first stuff you’ll spot by the thick, dense mists are glowing blue lights. While you attain one you will uncover it is a blue torch or blue lamp, a small glowing orb constructed by among the Mistlands’ inhabitants to offer visibility by the mist. You’ll be able to’t simply take these blue lights, and should you destroy the orbs will disappear. However you possibly can craft your individual.

The blue lights within the Mistlands are referred to as Wisp torches, and you may need to craft some as quickly as potential as a result of they burn away the mist of their speedy radius. The excellent news is, should you’ve already defeated Valheim’s fifth boss, Yagluth, you in all probability have already got a element saved in a chest at your base that can make it easier to craft Wisp torches. Keep in mind how Yagluth dropped ineffective, placeholder “Yagliuth issues” if you beat him? These issues are now not ineffective, they’re a part of the method of crafting Wisp torches.

The best way to craft blue Wisp torches in Valheim’s Mistlands

In the event you’re already within the Mistlands, begin chopping down any small timber you see. Most of the Mistland’s timber are literally offshoots of the Yggdrasil itself, labeled as “Yggdrasil shoots” if you stand near them. To cut down a Yggdrasil shoot, you will want a Blackmetal Axe. While you’ve collected your first piece of Yggdrasil wooden, you will unlock the recipe for Wisp torches, situated in your construct menu’s furnishings tab (they don’t seem to be handheld torches, however standing torches).

The crafting recipe for Wisp torches is:

  • 1 Yggdrasil wooden
  • 1 Wisp

The best way to get Wisp

Here is a refreshing twist on useful resource gathering: you do not have to exit into the world to seek out Wisp. As an alternative, it involves you. You simply have to lure it with a brand new buildable merchandise.

To lure Wisp, you will have to construct an object referred to as a Wisp fountain, which might be positioned at your base. And to unlock the recipe for the Wisp fountain, you will want one torn spirit.

The best way to get torn spirits

Here is where the previously ineffective “Yagluth issues” come into play. The Mistlands update renames them “torn spirits” and makes them helpful. Go search by your chests should you’ve already collected Yagluth’s drops. In any other case, you will need to defeat this boss to gather torn spirits. (You’ll find some suggestions in our Valheim boss guide.) As soon as you’ve got picked up a torn spirit, you will get the recipe for a Wisp fountain, discovered in your construct menu beneath crafting.

Here is the Wisp Fountain crafting recipe:

  • 10 stone
  • 1 torn spirit
  • Stonecutter

The stonecutter requirement means you will have to construct the Wisp fountain inside vary of the stonecutter at your base (or place a brand new stonecutter). As soon as you’ve got constructed and positioned your Wisp fountain, you will have to wait till nighttime to see it begin working.

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

When it is darkish sufficient, Wisp (they appear like small, glowing blue orbs) will fly to the fountain and start slowly circling it. You’ll be able to pluck Wisp right out of the air whereas it is circling your fountain, or wait some time and it will drop right down to the bottom and simply sit there. So long as it is darkish sufficient, new Wisp will proceed to go to your fountain.

With Wisp and Yggdrasil wooden in your stock, enter construct mode together with your hammer and click on to position your Wisp torches within the Mistlands, then watch the mist round them soften away.