Valheim Obliterator
Valheim Obliterator

Valheim‘s long awaited Hearth & Home update is finally out and after much demand from players, feature to destroy your items has been added. Now developers have given players a way to get rid of junk items in their world.

You can use the Obliterator to destroy the items in Valheim. To build one, you must first craft a Forge, and then you must collect iron, copper and thunderstone. Once you have built the Obliterator, you can use it to destroy any junk items you no longer need.

The requirements to build Obliterator are:

  • Iron Ingot x8
  • Copper Ingot x4
  • Thunder Stone x1

The Thunder Stone, can be bought from the merchant Haldor.

After you have collected your items, your Obliterator will be placed through your hammer menu, followed by the crafting tab, which will display the Obliterator icon so that you can place it wherever you want. This Obliterator will eventually destroy any items you put in it, and you will not extract any material from it.

Alternatively, you can always sell any item that matches the dealer, is you wish. Obliterator allows you to delete it immediately, almost without any action on your part.