Valheim Moder
Valheim Moder

Modern the Dragon Queen is the fourth boss of Valheim. If you go into battle unprepared, you are a very dangerous opponent. But even getting to this point is challenging – you have to find and summon her first, which isn’t easy at all. Our Valheim Moder Boss Battle Guide will guide you to find out exactly how to find Model’s mysterious altar, how to summon her, and how to defeat her and get rewarded for her unique loot.

Valheim Moder location

Like all Valheim leaders, Moder the Dragon Queen can only be summoned into the world at certain mysterious altars. Each mystery altar belongs to a different Forsaken leader. To find the location of the Moder’s Altar, you need to find a Vegvisir, a bright red runestone, similar to the one at the time of spawn, which will mark the map with Moder’s summoning location.

Mordel’s favorite biome is the mountain range, and you will have to search for his special Vegvisir runestone in the mountain range. These stones are always found around ancient buildings, so go through the mountains until you find a stone tower or other building, and then explore in and around to see if you can find the red runestones.

How to summon Moder

After finding and reaching Mordel’s mysterious altar, you must summon her to fight her. To summon Mordel, you need to place 3 dragon eggs in the three bowls in the center of the altar. You need to place the dragon egg on the hotbar and then press the corresponding number key when the cursor is over the bowl to complete.

They are huge, shiny purple eggs, each weighing 200, which means you need to return them to the altar three times, and once you put them in the altar bowl, you will summon Mordel. The boss battle will begin.

Valheim Moder boss fight walkthrough

Moder is a huge black and white dragon whose attacks are found in frost and ice, as well as a more standard sliding attack with claws. It can also fly, because, well, it’s a dragon. When it flies, it occasionally unleashes a series of ice attacks, which when colliding with the ground turn into ice spikes.

When you see Moder rear her head, to initiate the attack you can dodge them by running sideways. Her other main attack is an ice breath attack which will come outwards in a cone from her mouth. She would only use this attack on the ground, and again it is easy to spot and avoid running to the side. If she manages to close the distance with you, she can use a swipe attack .

Once again, the attack is conveyed very clearly by a long animation, so stay away, otherwise get some distance from her as she’s winding up. I also recommend that you use the Draugr Fang bow and some stacks of arrows. You can use fire or the highest pure damage arrows. Mordel is a tanky dragon, so the fight may take a while, but his attacks are easy to avoid, so you’ll be fine.

Moder Forsaken Power & loot drops

After Mordel’s death, she will be turned to a trophy to take back to spawn and there will be some dragon tears. These Dragon Tears are very important, so be sure to collect them all. Dragon tears are used to make Artisan’s tables, this craftsman’s station allows you to place down spinning wheels, blast furnaces, and windmills.

As for Moder’s trophy, take it back to the fourth stone generated and place it on the hook in the circle; then interact with the stone to unlock the Moder’s Forsaken power. This feature allows you to always have a tailwind while sailing, which makes navigating any raft easier and faster.