The Valheim Mistlands Queen is the brand new boss that arrived with the Mistlands update, which you’ll be able to play now on the Valheim public testing department. However discovering the Queen’s location in your map and getting into her lair to confront her goes to take numerous exploration, useful resource gathering, and crafting within the harmful and misty new biome.

For anybody who has battled the opposite 5 Valheim bosses, the method of finding Valheim’s new boss, Vegvisir the Queen, will largely be acquainted, however there is a new wrinkle on the subject of truly getting the possibility to beat her. The opposite bosses have to be positioned and summoned with sure objects positioned of their altars, however the Queen works a bit of otherwise. Spoiler alert: There’s a picture of the Queen on the finish of the second part of this guide, so if you wish to be fully stunned, flip again now.

Find out how to discover the Queen

Valheim Mistlands Queen: Find out how to discover the Mistlands boss

Discovering the location of the Mistlands Queen is just like pinpointing the opposite Valheim bosses. You may have to find a stone pill with runes on it, and interacting with that stone will add an icon displaying the Queen’s location to your map.

Within the Mistlands, it is advisable hunt by means of the foggy continent for an infested mine, a brand new kind of dungeon. Infested mines can seem in just a few alternative ways from the skin, and it is difficult to even spot them except you have already bought a Valheim Wisplight to interrupt by means of the heavy mist. 

The doorway to an infested mine could also be a stairway main as much as a tunnel within the rocks normally guarded by a number of seekers, the enormous bugs of the Mistlands. An infested mine may additionally be underneath an deserted dvergr fort, which seems to be loads like inhabited forts besides there aren’t any Wisplights guiding you to them. The doorway to the infested mine inside an deserted fort could be discovered through a spiral staircase main down from the middle.

Valheim Mistlands Queen boss

Boss marker present in infested mine (Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

When you’re in an infested mine, you will have to discover it totally. There are sometimes dvergr gates you’ll be able to click on on to open, secret dvergr passages marked with runes you’ll be able to click on on to entry, boarded up passages you’ll be able to smash open with a weapon, and extra staircases you’ll be able to take deeper down into the mine. Anticipate to battle seekers, ticks, and seeker brood grubs as you hunt for the boss marker. It’s going to look just like markers used to search out earlier bosses.

Not each infested mine will comprise a boss marker, so you could want to look by means of a number of earlier than you discover one. When you work together with the marker, the Queen’s location will probably be added to your map.

Find out how to unlock the door

Valheim Mistlands boss: Find out how to unlock the Queen’s door

The Queen’s locked door (Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

Journey to the Queen’s location in your map—will probably be in a Mistlands biome, although not essentially the identical one you discovered the marker in—and you will find a black marble fort with an enormous door, plus glowing runestones subsequent to it, telling you the door has been sealed. You may have to craft a key known as Sealbreaker to enter the Queen’s lair.

To craft the important thing you will want 9 sealbreaker fragments, which you’ll find in the identical kinds of infested lairs you discovered the marker in. Sealbreaker fragments are normally contained in glass or crystal on a podium you’ll be able to smash to acquire them. You may additionally want the new crafting station, the Galdr desk, which you’ll be able to unlock as soon as you have created refined eitr within the Eitr refinery, to craft the Sealbreaker key. With the important thing crafted and in your stock, you’ll be able to work together with the queen’s door to open it.

A seakbreaker fragment in an infested mine (Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studios)

Remember then once you enter the lair the Queen will already be awake and able to battle. She doesn’t have to be summoned like different Valheim bosses, so make certain you are prepared for fight the second you step into her lair. The Queen’s lair is large, darkish, and has many vast staircases main up a number of ranges, with vast walkways on every stage. You may additionally encounter scores of seeker brood that may hatch when your stroll close to them, and the lair will probably be stuffed with mist so have a Wisplight with you.

The Queen is a gigantic insect, with 4 massive claw-like arms, enormous mandibles, and a slug-like physique she slithers round with. Regardless of her nice measurement, she strikes and lunges in a short time. Sporting a feather cape will probably be helpful so you’ll be able to soar off ledges and safely float all the way down to decrease ranges, whereas she should use the lengthy stairwells to observe you thru the lair.

Valheim Mistlands boss, Vegvisir the Queen (Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

What the Queen drops

The Queen’s drops

After defeating the Queen, she’s going to drop a trophy which could be positioned on the beginning stones within the very heart of the map. Inserting the Queen’s trophy provides you with a brand new energy, additionally known as “The Queen.” When activated, The Queen’s energy provides you:

  • Quicker mining
  • +100% Eitr regeneration

The Queen additionally drops a useful resource merely known as “Queen drop,” a pink glowing useful resource that at present has no use. Like “Yagluth issues” had no use earlier than they turned “torn spirits” within the Mistlands update, the aim for the Queen drops most probably will not be recognized till one other future Valheim update. Within the meantime, retailer them someplace again at your base.

Find out how to resummon the Queen

Find out how to resummon the Queen

(Picture credit score: Iron Gate Studio)

After defeating the Queen, if you wish to resummon her, you will have to find the Hive seat in her lair, which is an altar sometimes discovered on the uppermost stage. To respawn her, you will want to position three seeker soldier trophies into the Hive seat, and she’s going to respawn shut by so you’ll be able to attempt to defeat her once more to earn one other trophy and extra drops.