Valheim final boss Yagluth
Valheim final boss Yagluth

Yagluth is currently the final boss in Valheim, so he may be the toughest opponent you’ll encounter in the entire game. Our Valheim Yagluth boss battle guide will walk you through finding and summoning Yagluth, then defeating the dangerous semi-skeletal boss and gaining the power of the Forsaken.

Valheim Yagluth boss location

If you are looking for Yagluth, it means that you may be proficient in how to find the location of the mysterious boss altar. But just in case: To find out where you need to go, you need to look for Vegvisir, those little glowing red runestones, which are the same biome the boss spawned. In the case of Yagluth, this is Plains biome.

Vegvisir are usually found next to the generated buildings on the Valheim map. Therefore, in the Plains biome, you’ll want to search in and around Fuling villages and outposts to find and interact with the runestone. Doing so will mark the location of the mysterious Yagluth altar on your map.

How to summon Yagluth in Valheim

Summon Yagluth by placing five totems from Fu’s Mausoleum in the center of Yagluth’s mysterious altar. There are five circles in the center of the altar. You can interact and place them on the totem as long as they are in your shortcut bar.

Where can I find Fu’s Totem Pole Mausoleum? You don’t need to go too far, because Fulings are denizens of the Plains biome. You can often find Fuling totems in Fuling towns and outposts, so pay attention to them when looking for Vegvisir. Sometimes the defeated Fuling Berserker will also drop a totem.

Once you place the fifth Fuling Totem in the Altar, Yagluth, the last chief of Valheim, will appear in the form of a huge glowing purple half-skeleton in front of you.

Valheim Yagluth boss fight walkthrough

The only advantage against Yagluth is that it is very slow and sends telegraphs his attacks quite clearly. This is good, because his three attacks are extremely destructive. His melee attack is a punch, which can deal damage to a small number of players near Yagluth. You can avoid this attack by keeping a certain distance and relying on the bow to deal damage.

Yagluth’s other two attacks are: punch, summoning meteorites from the sky at or near the player; and fire attack with extremely high range but relatively low damage, allowing you to use a good late-game shield to tank the attack. Both attacks must be watched and avoided (or in the case of flame shots, if (you prefer)), and you must continue to fire fully charged arrows at Yagluth between attacks.

I highly recommend that you use the strongest bow – Draugr Fang. Don’t use elemental attacks against Yagluth because he can resist. Instead, use high-purity damage arrows, such as needle arrows. Range, time, and coverage are your friends against Yagluth. The boss is not good at direct attacks, but I think it is safer to keep a distance with you, rather than risk being taken down by a close attack. Prepare the top armor and lots of arrows, pay attention to the meteors and firepower, and play it safe until you defeat Yagluth.

Yagluth Forsaken Power & loot drops

Yagluth will become an item upon death. This is Yagluth’s trophy and must be returned to the stone circle during spawning. Place the trophy on the hook of the last stone and interact with it to obtain the forgotten power of Yagluth, which can resist elemental damage (poison, fire and frost).

Yagluth will also drop a unique object called “Yagluth thing”. Since this item is a placeholder, it is currently useless. It is speculated that this product will be replaced or given new features in future Valheim updates.