Walking through a tunnel illuminated by a torch in a screenshot of Valheim's Mountains update.

Somehow, it has been one full 12 months since Valheim entered early entry. Seems unlikely. I’d purchase six months, I’d purchase two years, however one 12 months? I do not suppose so. Still, the makers are fairly insistent, so let’s humour their charade and listen to what they need to say about their future plans for the base-building Norse mythology survival sport. Steam Deck help, caves within the Mountains biome, a fairly moth within the Mistlands… okay, positive.

“We never could have imagined that Valheim would get as big as it did, and it’s all thanks to you players,” Valheim devs Iron Gate stated in yesterday’s blogblast. It actually has grown massive. Sure, participant numbers are down from the Valheim craze a 12 months in the past throughout the winter ‘rona lockdowns, but it surely’s settled comfortably with a really respectable common of about 30,000 concurrent gamers—across the center of Steam’s most-played video games. But, what’s subsequent?

First, the Steam Deck, the Switch-like transportable PC Valve are launching on the twenty fifth of February. “We would of course like to have Valheim running smoothly on it from the start, so that’s something we’re working on at the moment,” Iron Gate say.

Next, newness. Following just a few glimpses final 12 months, Iron Gate continued to tease two of the massive updates within the pipeline: including caves to the Mountains biome and ending the Mistlands biome.

Iron Gate say they “are putting the finishing touches to the Mountain update” and shared two photos, that torchlight tunnel ↑ up high and these right here mysterious stalagmites and mysterious crystals:

Underground crystals and stalagmites in a screenshot of Valheim's Mountains update.
Always belief a factor glowing at midnight.

They added that they’re “ramping up work on Mistlands” too, the biome which presently is only a placeholder.

“The phase of nailing down the core concept is done, and we know what kind of inhabitants we want the biome to have,” Iron Gate say. “This means we’re now working on a bunch of new build pieces and enemies, as well as defining more of the new mechanics we will be introducing (though we’d like to keep those secret for a while longer).”

But this is an idea for one Mistlands critter, some method of… armoured moth or beetle with an anglerfish lure?

A giant armoured moth in Valheim: Mistlands concept art.