If you are looking for Valheim tips and tricks in your spare time, Valheim has been gathering many people recently, including you. It’s easy to see how this simple survival game with Vikings as the theme successfully hijacked everyone’s free time. In all the right places, it is smart, satisfying, familiar and punishing. But there is a lot to learn, and that is that games can only be discovered through trial and error.

These are some beginner tips and tricks-

Starting from version 0.146.8, Valheim now supports the Vulkan API on Windows PCs, which may bring performance advantages and frame rate improvements.

In addition to only a limited number of inventory locations, it also has a weight limit of 300. Beyond this threshold, you will not be able to regenerate stamina. Insist on collecting only the things that need to avoid this punishment.

You can place multiple cooking stations on a fire pit. It is useful to cook a lot of food at once, but make sure you can still enter the stove to add more fuel.

Use the mouse wheel to smoothly zoom in or zoom out the character. Zoom in for combat, narrow space and precise construction, and zoom out for exploration and situational awareness.

Shift-clicking on an inventory item will split the stack. From there, use the slider or A/D to specify the size of the stack to grab.

Ctrl-clicking inventory items will automatically unload the entire stack on the floor, unless you also open a storage inventory, in which case, Ctrl-clicking will automatically transfer the selected items to another inventory window .

Stagbreaker is an excellent early game weapon with its knockback and effective range of damage, but don’t swing indoors!

If you are frustrated that you can’t put a torch on the wall, beeline towards smelting Copper Ingots and you’ll be able to craft sconces.

Speaking of copper, did you know that all copper Ore deposits are actually huge rocks that extend deep underground? You may need to go back to your previous deposit and do more in-depth research.

If it is difficult for you to hit smaller enemies such as boars and necks in valheim, your ground may be higher than them, so your attack will overtake their heads. Move until you are in an equal or lower position and try again.

Sneaking consumes stamina, but if you sneak attack on the enemy, you can backstab and cause heavy damage. Flint Knife is a good starting choice, offering a 10x back damage bonus.

Place the workbench near any natural structure, and you can take it apart to get free materials.

Beehives can be found in certain natural spawning structures. Use the previous techniques to destroy the structure and destroy the hive. Bee hives usually drop honey and queen bees. You can use them to create your own hives to produce more honey.

Once you have the Pickaxe, please pay attention to the stone circles. If you see one, dig and discover that you will most likely find a treasure.

Sometimes, events may occur in Vallheim. These events involve different types of creatures attacking you in a short period of time. Stay calm, avoid being surrounded, and you will get through it.

And with that, our Valheim tips and tricks come to an end.