V Rising
V Rising

Stone Dust in V Rising is difficult to come by in this crafting-survival game, and many players wind up spending a lot of time looking for it. The best thing to do is to create it, so here’s a step-by-step guide on making and obtaining Stone Dust.

How to Get Stone Dust in V Rising?

Stone Dust may be found by breaking stone pillars, although it is not a guaranteed drop from the stone buildings you demolish. It it’s better to make Stone Dust, and here’s how you may do so.

How to Craft Stone Dust Crafting Material

how to get stone dust v rising
Source image: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)
  • First, you need a Grinder. To build it you require 8 Planks, 4 Whetstones and 4 Copper Ingots.
  • Once you have the materials, go to the Refinement section under Production to place it.
  • Players need a Furnace to get a hold of Copper Ingots.
  • For Planks, you need a Sawmill.
grinder for stone dust
Source image: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)
  • Now that you have a Grinder, put 12 Raw Stone into it and get x1 Stone Dust as well as x1 Stone Brick.
  • To craft a Whetstone, you need:
    • 12 Stone Dusts
    • 1 Copper Ingot

As you might have noticed, you need Whetstones to craft Stone Dust which is used to craft Whetstones. For the former, you need to find Whetstones and create Stone Dust. After that you can craft Whetstones, which will be a faster process.

where to find whetstone
Source image: Kibbles – (Video Game DataBank)

To find Whetstones, go to the Bandit Strongholds listed on the map and defeat the Bandits there. The Whetstones may be obtained either as drops or through the treasure available in the area. However, after you’ve figured out how to make Whetstones, you won’t have to go through this procedure as frequently. Don’t forget to read our linked guide to learn how to make Whetstone.