V Rising
V Rising

Building is a crucial part of this vampire survival game, and you can absolutely add items to make things seem nice. Many gamers are looking for a means to build and use stairs in V Rising; let’s have a look at the steps today.

How to Build & Use Stairs in V Rising?

Stairs can be added to the game for cosmetic purposes solely; they do not yet fulfil the goal of adding another storey. If you have an accessible slope leading to your castle, you can build Stairs right there for aesthetic purposes. After all, your Vampire deserves to make a spectacular entrance.

How to Construct a Staircase

where to place stairs

Stairs may be found under Exterior > Borders & Stairs. Then you’ll see Wooden Stairs that require x6 Plank and Stone Stairs that require x16 Stone Brick. If you’re unsure how to proceed, see how to build a Sawmill and produce Planks in V Rising, as well as how to make Stone Bricks. If you have the proper resources, you may chose where to put the Stairs and build them.

Where to Place Stairs

Remember that your Staircase requires a linked Castle Heart, and its existence should not be obstructed by the Blood Altar, Castle Wall, or anything else. This is why it cannot be placed at random within or outside of your Castle.

It must have a slope on which your character may walk. If you are unsure about the best location, simply move the steps around. It will be highlighted in red for all of the incorrect spots where they cannot be placed. When you’ve successfully put it, it will turn from red to blue. Once you’re certain, click the left mouse button to build the structure, and you’re done.