V Rising
V Rising

There are several materials and sources in V Rising that may be used to create weaponry, armour, and additional stuff. As a weakened Vampire awakening from a lengthy hibernation, you will need to collect several artefacts in order to proceed farther in the game. Spectral Dust is something you obtain in later stages of the game and may be highly useful in the creation of important artefacts. So, let’s see how to farm or manufacture Spectral Dust in V Rising.

How to Farm & Get Spectral Dust in V Rising

Spectral Dust Location V Rising

In the latter stages of the game, Spectral Dust may be harvested. It is utilised to create the Eye of Twilight and many magical sources. The Eye of Twilight unlocks Soul Shards, which will be incredibly valuable as you get closer to the summit.

In V Rising, there are two ways to obtain Spectral Dust: farm it or make it. Spectral Dust may be found by defeating Banshee in the Cursed Forest’s Ancient Village region. The Banshee is a tough monster that can put up a fight but will not win. At this point, your stage and talents will be quite advanced. But, because you’re travelling to the Cursed Forest, we advise you to be cautious.

Foulrot the Soultaker V Rising

To get the Spectral Dust, defeat the Level 62 V-Blood boss Foulrot the Soultaker. He may be found in the Cursed Forest near the Ancient Village. You may just view him using your Castle’s Blood Altar.

Once you could have the recipe you’ll be able to simply craft the Spectral Dust. All it requires is –
x40 Ghost Crystal
x4 Gem Dust