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V Rising

You can simply defeat the Putrid Rat in V Rising if you master its techniques. The participants were perplexed by the game’s location. However, locating it is only half the battle. Once it has born, you can combat it to obtain its powerful Rat Form. So let us discover how to destroy it Putrid Rat and all of its actions in this tutorial.

How to Beat Putrid Rat in V Rising

v rising how to defeat putrid rat
Image Credit: wak4863 on YouTube

In V Rising, you can destroy Putrid Rat by hitting it until it runs out of health. It just has four movements and its attacks are easy. Once you’ve figured out their timing, you’ll be able to simply avoid and counter them. Before we begin, you should be aware that this fight has a level of 30. So, if you wish to challenge it, make sure your character is level 30 or above. All of the techniques it employs in this fight are listed here.

Putrid Rat Moves

  • Bite: This attack is quite easy to dodge, Putrid Rat will stop in its tracks for a few seconds then lunge and try to bite the player. You can dodge it by getting away from it once it starts preparing its lunge.
  • Multiple bites: This manoeuvre is extremely similar to the one described before. And Putrid Rat will attempt to bite the player. Unlike previously, it will have a crimson aura about it this time and will attempt to bite the player at least 4 to 5 times before stopping. You can avoid this assault by moving away from it until all of its bites are complete.
  • Dig: This is most likely its most vexing move. Putrid Rat will dig and enter the earth. When it dies, it will create a swarm of rats with low health above it. You should strive to eliminate them as soon as feasible. The reason for this is that if you don’t get rid of them quickly, you’ll have to face both the Putrid Rat and its minions when it creeps back up.
  • Poison attack: It will come to a halt and collect some dust about itself; this move is distinguished by a green aura followed by white particles collecting nearby. Then it launches a poison assault towards the location where it is standing. This strike is equally simple to avoid since you must move away from it.