V Rising
V Rising

Gold Ingot is not an easy commodity to find in V Rising. Actually you have to make it yourself using the recipe which is obtained by defeating ‘Azariel The Sunbringer’. To learn how to get Gold Ingots in V Rising keep reading below.

How to Get Gold Ingots in V Rising

V Rising Azariel Location

In order to manufacture Gold Ingots in V Rising, you must first unlock the recipe. Pick up Azariel The Sunbringer’s V-Blood boss trail from your blood altar. He can be found inside Brighthaven Castle. He is a Level 68 boss, so you should be prepared for the task.

Azariel possesses a powerful ranged attack and may summon a Sphere from time to time. You can easily avoid ranged strikes, but the Sphere bursts in a vast radius, so be sure you are outside of it. Keep your distance and keep striking him with magic, and you’ll quickly beat him.

Find Gold in V Rising

The main concern in this battle is that the Holy Radiation level is too high. You don’t want to collapse in the middle of a combat, so make sure you have enough of Holy Resistance flasks on hand. Aside from that, the boss fight will go well, and you will obtain the recipe. Once the recipe is unlocked, scour the towns for Golden Jewellery, which is required to manufacture Gold Ingots. Melting 8 Golden Jewellery and 8 Sulphur in a basic furnace yields a Gold Ingot.