V Rising
V Rising

What is the only thing you need to go fishing? Fishing pole! (And, of course, fish) Despite the fact that you are a vampire, one of the most crucial jobs in V Rising is fishing. Fishing can provide you with a variety of resources, including fish oil. You must first obtain a recipe for a fishing rod. However, in order to make this item, you must first obtain the Woodworking Bench. So, here is our tutorial on fishing and crafting a fishing pole in V Rising.

How to Fish in V Rising

  • You can craft the fishing rod by unlocking a Woodworking Bench. It can also be used to craft other useful materials and resources.
  • You need to defeat Rufus, the Foreman to unlock this workbench. But you need to be at least on level 20 to track him down.
  • As you defeat Rufus, you can unlock the workbench and get the Fishing rod recipe.
  • Then, you can craft the Fishing rod inside the Woodworking bench.
  • You need the following items to craft a fishing rod:
    • 4 Coarse Thread
    • 4 Copper Ingot
    • 8 Planks
v rising fish
Image Source – 04AM on YouTube.
  • Place these above items on the input section in the Woodworking bench to get a Fishing rod
  • Once you have crafted it, you can head over to a Fishing spot to catch some fish.

Twilight Snapper V Rising

While many fish can provide resources, Twilight Snapper can be utilised to summon Putrid Rat Boss. This fish may be found in small ponds and lakes. You only need to go to a small pond or lake and equip the Fishing rod. Because it is an uncommon fish, you must be patient in order to discover it. There is no specific location, however some players claim that fishing in Silverlight Hills and Farbane Woods produces higher results. So, give it a go.