V Rising
V Rising

V Rising has a wide range of items that may be manufactured, discovered, or stolen. When you first get up, you’re a weaker product in need of a lot of resources to advance. Eye of Twilight is one of the key items that must be made later in the game. It will unlock doors for you to uncover unique buff gadgets that are useful resources to have. Let’s go through how to get and use the Eye of Twilight in V Rising in further detail.

How to Get & Use Eye of Twilight in V Rising

Get Eye of Twilight

Soul Shards are buff devices gained by utilising Eye of Twilight in V Rising. There are several Soul Shards available in the PVE mode, but only three may be earned in the PVP game. To obtain them, it is necessary to first find the bosses, which is where the Eye of Twilight comes into play.

Obtaining the Soul Shards would require defeating the strongest bosses. And to seek out them you’ll have to work together with the Eye of Twilight.

If you wish to craft the Eye of Twilight it’s worthwhile to full the primary story and collect the next gadgets –

  • 4 Gold Ingots
  • 4 Spectral Dust

Within the Cursed Forests, Banshee may be gathered for Spectral Dust. After obtaining the recipe via defeating the boss ‘Azariel the Sunbringer,’ gold ingots may be made. Once you’ve gathered enough gadgets, go to the Furnace and build the Eye of Twilight.

Eye of Twilight V Rising
Image Source: Strange Religion (YouTube)

It’s necessary to keep in mind that the PVP mode has solely three Soul Shards. Once you accumulate them it will likely be seen to different gamers in search of them. Make certain you and your clan have created a stable protection for potential raids. Provide the servants you appeal and convert with top-tier gear and enhance their ranges.