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Gold is an important currency in Lost Ark as you need plenty of it to improve your character.  this guide features the 11 best ways to make insane money with each passing day.

Una’s Daily Tasks

Una’s Daily Tasks have become one of the most popular ways to get your hands on Gold in Lost Ark. You can complete Una’s Daily Tasks to get Una’s token points and exchange them for gold chests at a gold shop in your current town. The amount of Una’s token you get relies on your item level. the epic gold chest at the gold shop will drop 10,000 gold coins.

Chaos Dungeons

If you have successfully dealt with the first two dungeons, you can move to chaos dungeons afterward as they feature perception shards and disorder orbs. The rewards depend on your in-game tier level so upgrade your tier to the max for better rewards. 

Trade engravings

This is a one-time way to get some gold in Lost Ark and you can do this by going to a vendor to buy some engraving chests. These engraving chests contain engravings that are tradable for gold. The chest vendor is right next to the chaos gate which offers a large number of other shards along with these chests.

After buying these chests, go to the official Lost Ark market and search for these chests in the engraving section. Sell these chests whenever you want but you should for their prices to go up to get the most out of them. Along with these chests from vendors, you can get engravings by doing some simple island quests.

Trade pirate coins at Pato Island

With this trick, you can get free gold every week based on your current item level and how many pirate coins you have in your pocket. If you are near Pato Island, there is an ability stone vendor that puts rare ability stones on sale every week and you should buy the best ability stone to sell it in the market later for gold.

You are limited to buying only three ability stones so buy wisely otherwise you have to wait for a whole week to get a chance again. After buying these ability stones, go to the auction house and search for these ability stones to exchange them for gold.

Do random quests

Random quests also feature gold that you can get after completing them. The amount of gold isn’t sufficient but it’s better than nothing. Some good random quests also give gold as a reward instead of other items that you don’t need at all.

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Trade guardian raid rewards

The gamer community is divided on this method of getting gold but you can try your luck with this method. Lost Ark allows you to do two guardian raids every day to harmony leap stones, stone fragments, and some other leap stones which are tradable.

The stone fragments are low prices so you should focus on leap stones only. Go to the enhancement material section of the Lost Ark market and sell these stones for gold. You also need these stones to gear up in the game and the best strategy is to gear up first and then sell these stones at the market.

Buy gold from the market

This method is best for pay-to-win players because it requires them to sell all their crystals for gold at the built-in currency exchange. You can compare buying and selling prices of pet mounts in the market and buy them for crystal gold to sell them at the market at a much higher price.

Do Abyssal Raids

Every major town in Lost Ark features an Abyssal dungeon with tradeable rewards that you can exchange for gold in the market. There is a limit to how many gold items you can get from these weekly Abyssal raids so you can choose the raid wisely to get the best reward.

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Choose the best trade skills

There are six trade skills in Lost Ark right now with excavating trade skill being the best skill and the fishing skill being the worst skill of all time. The benefit of upgrading excavating is that you will get to play a mini-game after reaching the excavating level 20. You can spend all your energy on excavating all day for items and sell them in the auction house for gold coins.

Go for the highest item level quest

There are many different quests in Lost Ark every day and you can complete them to get rewards like pirate coins or other items. But the best approach is to complete the quest with the highest item level of all. Chaos gates quests feature secret maps of a dungeon deep in the game map.

If you complete the dungeon, you will receive shard pouches that you can trade for gold. These pouches are worth a lot of gold for items that you can get. You have the option to take your friends to these dungeons to complete them together and get multiple pouches at the same time.

Know about days of high-level quests

The biggest trick of all is to remember the day on which these high-level quests come up so you are already there waiting for these quests to quickly complete them and get your rewards. Open the area chat and look for the link to the secret map uploaded by other players. There is no harm in sitting all the way waiting for that moment when you can join a rally with unknown gamers to get free gold coins.

 Conclusion This ultimate gold guide features everything you need to know to make enough gold to get every item that gold can buy in Lost Ark. There are still a lot of other methods for gold coins including investments and selling of items at the highest price but you can enjoy the true essence of the game with these methods.