Ultimate Fantasy 14: Endwalker has suffered from some update droughts currently—we have obtained a variety of enjoyable duties to do, however they’ve all been short-lived. Variant Dungeons and Island Sanctuary have tried to fill the hole left by exploration zones, however they’re sadly one-and-done experiences.

Fortunately, patch 6.4’s trailer is totally loaded with story hints to whet my cutscene–starved urge for food. I am right here to go my theories onto you, so if you have not watched the trailer but, now’s the time. 

Earlier than we get began, I might like to say that I will solely be masking data concerning the Predominant State of affairs Quest, in any other case we would be right here all day. 

The trailer opens with Golbez—our massive dangerous for this patch cycle—stood atop the Thirteenth’s pink moon, beseeching somebody to hitch him. His goal? To completely invade the Source, where his immortality-cursed topics can lastly die a real loss of life.

Whereas this looks as if a plea to the participant at first, it is adopted up by a requirement to “feast upon this dragon, and its ardent eager for dwelling with it”. “This dragon” refers to Azdaja, who he is been conserving captive within the void for hundreds of years. 

We all know the Archfiends we have been slaying grew sturdy as a result of they’d devoured Azdaja’s aether, so my gil’s on Golbez elevating a military via related strategies, one which shares Azdaja’s burning want to return to the Source. We additionally see Vrtra reuniting with Azdaja, although what psychological state she’ll be in after centuries within the Void is anybody’s guess.

The trailer reveals us hints as to how we’ll return to the Thirteenth after our earlier portal was destroyed in patch 6.3. Zodiark’s former lunar jail swells with power, adopted by a scene of us flying via the rift between worlds upon Vrtra’s again. There’s additionally a beam of sunshine shooting from the Tower of Babil, which is especially attention-grabbing, as we all know it is not really powered by something without delay.

My pet idea is that our journey to The Aetherfont—patch 6.4’s dungeon—shall be required to pour aether into the Tower of Babil and energy it. We’ll then use its connection to the moon to create a gate to the Thirteenth there.

This makes sensible sense in a MacGyvery, high-spectacle, Ultimate Fantasy form of manner. Even when we may return to the Thirteenth, we would nonetheless need to journey to the moon to confront Golbez. By opening a gate on the moon within the Source, which is way simpler to get to, we’re slicing out the intermediary.

Our remaining Predominant State of affairs Quest reveal comes from the struggle with Golbez himself. In it, there is a serpent dragon wrapped round his blade, which does not give me a lot hope for Azdaja making it out alive. Whereas it has no wings—most likely as a result of Golbez’s military ate them—the dragon has horns which can be precisely the identical form as Azdaja’s. She’s prone to be corrupted or modified by his machinations.

Lastly, there is a flash of a birdlike masks wreathed in shadow, which may very properly be FFXIV’s tackle Zeromus from Ultimate Fantasy IV. Provided that this complete story arc has been an extended reference to that game, I would not be shocked if patch 6.5—and even the following growth—will see us preventing this creature, no matter kind it takes on Etheirys.

There may be, to place it frivolously, lots to unpack right here. Little question we’ll be seeing lore–lovers extra devoted than I’m scrubbing via the trailer to gasoline their very own theories, however it’s clear this patch shall be frontloaded with an enormous quantity of story to work via. That is to not point out the brand new raid collection and variant dungeon—us lore followers are going to be saved busy.