The Division heartland
The Division heartland

Ubisoft recently reinvested in Division 2, but this wasn’t the only iron in the Tom Clancy fire. In a major update to the future of the franchise, the company revealed that its studio Red Storm is also developing a new free game called Heartland.

“Having worked on Tom Clancy games since 1997, its extensive experience across numerous genres and games, most recently The Division and The Division 2, makes Red Storm a perfect fit for this project,” Ubisoft said. “Heartland is a standalone game that doesn’t require previous experience with the series but will provide an all new perspective on the universe in a new setting.”

Other than that, there are no details, but one thing about the “all new perspective” makes me think division-based Royal Warfare is a good choice. Activision has achieved great success in “Call of Duty”: “Warzone” and EA’s own free game, Royale Apex Legends, has sparked a huge response.

But Ubisoft’s entry into the BR genre game “Hyper Scape” is almost completely forgotten; in fact, we’ve included you in the list of games released in 2020. Products built around the well-known Tom Clancy brand may bring a new appeal to Ubisoft.

Most likely it is something else entirely. The subtitle “Ubisoft Original” echoes Electronic Arts’ EA Originals label, which has issued more independent style rates, such as Unravel, Sea of ​​Solitude, and It Takes Two. This can go something like this: a narrative-focused exploration game, maybe it’s about a lone Division agent trying to survive and restore order in the heart of the United States, while staying away from the support system (and hordes of killers) in New York City and Washington, DC. Chances are it could be battle royal too.

In any case, it seems likely that Heartland will move the series away from the big cities of the first two games – the title is a bit of a giveaway, and Ubisoft shared a picture with a dilapidated water tower and lots of trees that appear to be somewhat in ” Far Cry 5 “is very rural.

The Division: Heartland is expected to be available sometime in 2021-22 on PC and consoles.