Twelve Minutes
Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes, created by Luis Antonio and published by Annapurna Interactive, is an interactive thriller in which you will play a man trapped in the time loop. Your job is to uncover the mystery behind your wife’s past, while also dealing with a aggressive policeman. As you learn more about the characters involved, you will eventually find a hidden Watch in the apartment.

Major spoilers ahead

After finding the watch, you might think that you should find some way to hand the watch peace to the police and solve the problem, but this is not all. First, once you ambush the police and exhaust all the dialogue options with him to correctly prove that your wife is innocent using polaroid, start another loop.

At the beginning of the loop, call Bumblee on your phone and tell him that your wife is innocent, then talk to your wife and tell her everything you know. The next step is to find out the name of the nanny, you can do this by ambushing the police again and showing him the onesie bought by your wife.

At this point, once you figure out the truth, you can try to admit all this to the policeman and give him watch, but this will bring you back to the beginning of the loop again. All you want to do is pick up your watch and watch it for a few seconds until the scene changes and takes you back to the time you met with your father.

Depending on your choice here, it will either end or return to the beginning of the loop. If the end is reached, the game will restart, but this time, you will be alone in the apartment. You can still place the watch on the fan grill and wind the hands to make it 10 minutes to 12 o’clock. Doing so will take you back to your parents’ office, where you can select another conversation option and start the cycle again.