Twelve Minutes
Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes have a list of achievements that you may encounter while playing the game. To unlock these achievements, you need to complete certain objectives. In this article, we will show you these achievements and how to unlock them.

Spoilers Ahead

Fluidity achievement in Twelve Minutes

To complete this achievement you need to water the plants in the bedroom. You only need to do this activity once. To water the plants, you first need to obtain a mug. Once you get it, fill it with water in the sink. Now, pour the water on the flower.

Gardener achievement in Twelve Minutes

To complete this achievement, you have to water the plants at each stage until they bloom. You must remember that you need to obtain three different flowers to get this achievement.

Listen achievement in Twelve Minutes

If you stand and stand in your apartment, you will be able to unlock this achievement. You must do this the first time you enter the apartment. After entering the apartment, when you notice a scene with a clock, you can leave the controller. Follow the instructions mentioned in the cutscene to complete the achievement.

Faun achievement in Twelve Minutes

You must check the paintings placed in the bedroom to complete this achievement. You need to complete it in three stages:

  • A man and woman on a balcony.
  • The woman moves away from the man.
  • Man by himself.

Seasons achievement in Twelve Minutes

Similar to Faun’s achievement, you need to check the paintings found in your hall room. This picture will be placed directly above your sofa. You need to complete this achievement in four different stages:

  • Spring (Season One)
  • Summer (Season Two)
  • Autumn (Season Three)
  • Winter (Season Four)

Coward achievement in Twelve Minutes

To complete this achievement, you will have to knock down the police. To get this achievement, you have to do this.

Groundhog achievement in Twelve Minutes

To complete this achievement you will have to play through different loops in Twelve Minutes to get the information needed. Go to know your wife and do not pick the greeting conversation. Pick up the phone in the closet and go to the bathroom. Once you get to the bathroom, call Bumblebee and tell him what his father is doing.

Go back to your wife and tell her that it’s a good time for dessert. Once she set the table, sit at the table with her. Open the gift on the table and choose only positive response. Your wife will invite you to dance now. Accept her invitation and tell her you love her, and then you should take her to bed.

Confessed achievement in Twelve Minutes

Similar to the groundhog achievement, you need to be prepared first. Now you must talk to your wife about her past. You will have to admit that you killed her father and is ready to plead guilty. Once you do this, call Bumblebee and claim that your wife is innocent.

Now, take your pocket watch and wait for the police to arrive. Ask your wife to talk to the police. Tell the police about the watch, and then let the loop unfold.

Alone achievement in Twelve Minutes

As with the previous two achievements, you must first be prepared, and then immediately after your wife leaves the spoon, take it and enter the bathroom to start the loop. Once you enter, make sure to lock the bathroom door.

Take out your pocket watch and mark it with star. This will take you to the father. Tell him you will leave his unborn child and his wife. Now, select the dialogue option “Maybe it’s better that we aren’t together”.

Ouroboros achievement in Twelve Minutes

To complete this achievement, you need to check the egg painting on the right side of the kitchen sink. You must complete this achievement in three different stages:

  • The painting is a plain egg.
  • The shell is cracked on the top. Inside, you can see a snake’s eye.
  • The egg has been replaced by a snake eating its own tail.

Continue achievement in Twelve Minutes

To unlock this achievement, you need to complete Alone achievement and you will need to reset the clock. Before doing this, you first need to make sure that you have discussed with your wife the book she is reading on the sofa.

You must ask her to read you the quote from the book. Now you will have to communicate with your father. Once you have done this, you will have to choose the book located behind you.

Mindfulness achievement in Twelve Minutes

Go to the bathroom after recovering. When your wife is not there, close the door behind you. Take out the pocket watch from the vent under the medicine cabinet and take a look. The scene will slowly fade into another scene between you and your father.

The main goal here is to extend this conversation long enough so that you can see how the clock hand marks 12 behind him. In addition, in order to unfold this ending, you must interact with the meditation books that your wife has read several times until you get a specific quote from her.

When the interaction between you and your father develops, wait patiently until he tells you to say something. Then choose the book located behind you. Now, click on the clock and watch it advance to 12 o’clock. He will now start a new dialogue explaining that you must keep going, which will take you to the credits scene.

Twelve Minutes Achievements List and how to Unlock

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