Witch Strandings, the brand new game from Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator designer and sometime-PC Gamer author Xalavier Nelson Jr., will arrive on Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store on July 7. The launch date, and a brand new live-action teaser, have been revealed throughout at the moment’s Guerrilla Collective on-line showcase.

In Witch Strandings, you develop into a strand of sunshine in a top-down world, creating pathways by the darkness, nurturing the creatures of the forest, repairing historic buildings, and finally confronting the witch who destroyed it. The teaser would not say an excessive amount of concerning the game, however happily the Steam web page is right here to inform us extra. Witch Strandings “dials into the emerging genre of physical transportation,” which, I’ll admit, I didn’t understand was an rising style in any respect. What that works out to in gameplay phrases is:

  • Carry provides throughout the Forest to nurture reworked creatures.
  • Whether swiping your mouse shortly to maneuver by raging rapids, or inching ahead to keep away from being swallowed by quicksand, a singular cursor management technique makes your journey a bodily expertise.
  • Haunting open world with distinct biomes and a day-night cycle.
  • Activate historic buildings to strengthen your hyperlink to the land of the residing.
  • Create your personal pathways by a cursed and ruined Forest.
  • Use haunted mushrooms, mystical artifacts, and extra to change the world.
  • Kill any character at any time—completely.
  • Confront the Witch, and determine the destiny of the Forest.
  • You are a spirit of the forest; a strand of sunshine within the darkness. Make the Forest a greater place–or strangle it.

“Witch Strandings is a psychic nightmare about being presented with a truly cursed place—and finding the spirit to make it a good one,” Nelson stated. “Bringing something this weird and compelling to life required a partner who understood our vision, and a truly unique take on what a game trailer could be—and in both cases, [publisher] Modern Wolf delivered.”

Witch Strandings is offered for wishlisting now on Steam, and as talked about is coming to GOG and Epic too. Until then, you’ll find out extra about what’s taking place on Discord.