Flying Terminids are a fantasy now not in Helldivers 2—that is in accordance with an official in-game dispatch that hit the servers yesterday, together with horrifying towers that spawn hovering insectoids. 

The present main order to liberate Zagon and Fori Prime is continuing apace, with Fori Prime on the cusp of liberation on the time of writing. Nevertheless, there’s been a snag—our courageous troopers are reporting an insectoid menace beforehand thought a fascist fantasy: Shriekers.  

Recovered footage from the continued battle in Fori Prime, viewer discretion suggested. from r/Helldivers

Beforehand dismissed as enemy propaganda by Arrowhead Video games’ CEO Johan Pilestedt himself, nests of those buggers kind a brand new mission goal on the soon-to-be liberated planets. This was additionally confirmed through an in-game dispatch, which states the next:

“A brand new pressure of flying Terminids has immediately appeared throughout all Terminid planets, with no prior warning or indication of any form. Whereas the Ministry of Intelligence has at all times recognized this was a chance, the abruptness of the evolution signifies a excessive chance of dissident concealment.”

(Picture credit score: Arrowhead Video games)

So there you will have it. Dissident traitors had been reporting these bugs’ existence, however they had been additionally concealing them, so it is actually not our fault that we did not see this coming. Do not give it some thought too onerous, soldier—your head ought to solely be stuffed with the candy, candy track of Woman Liberty.

In different information, the transient failure of the Galactic Struggle map yesterday, initially thought a glitch at Arrowhead Video games HQ, was really attributable to a secret cabal of hackers, in accordance with Tremendous Earth’s ministry of fact. An identical dispatch notes: “The breach has been addressed, and all methods have been returned to regular operation. Any discrepancies are to be thought of the results of dissident misinformation. Relaxation assured that the events accountable have been recognized, arrested, tried, and executed.”

(Picture credit score: Arrowhead Video games)

In all seriousness, this can be a enjoyable strategy to clarify immersion-breaking hitches within the game’s canon—and the doublethink on the flying bug state of affairs is each hilarious and canon-appropriate. 

As a Tremendous Earth patriot, I am additionally relieved to know for a proven fact that dissidents had been each hiding and spreading details about our new enemies, and in addition that the Termicide had nothing to do with these mutations. Time to take my new LAS-16 Sickle for a spin.