Minecraft Rail
Image via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Minecraft is an epic sandbox game that rarely gets old. However, even the best games can get boring after a while. To ward off the monotony of everyday Minecraft, try building some cool structures! If you have an abundance of desire to build but are fresh out of ideas, try starting with these 8 coolest things to build in Minecraft!

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Top 8 Coolest Things to Build in Minecraft

Live Volcano

Minecraft Volcano
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Volcanoes are some of the coolest things to see on Earth, so it stands to reason that they’d be the coolest things to see in Minecraft too. Volcanoes are awesome to build in Minecraft, due to their simplicity and their awesome visual effect. (This turtle would not leave this Volcano alone for some reason.) You can build your volcano to be as huge and devastating as you want, but this volcano was built using these materials:

  • 163 Cobblestone Blocks
  • 171 Cobbled Deepslate Blocks
  • 9 Obsidian Blocks
  • 5 Deepslate Gold Ore Blocks
  • 6 Deepslate Iron Ore Blocks
  • 6 Buckets of Lava

Prisoner Cage

Minecraft Prisoner Cage
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Have you ever wanted to teach your enemies a lesson beyond just killing them? Try building a prisoner cage! If you don’t want to resort to murder but need to get a point across, indefinite imprisonment may be the solution you’re searching for. These cages are quick and easy to make, and can be made anywhere! The chains aren’t strictly necessary but definitely add to the sinister effect. Your cage’s specifications may differ from this one depending on the number of prisoners you have, but this quaint little cage was built with these materials:

  • 3 Chains
  • 18 Blocks of Iron
  • 16 Iron Bars
  • 16 Redstone Torches

Inground Private Pool

Minecraft In Ground Pool
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

If you aren’t rich enough to buy an inground pool in real life, try building one in Minecraft! These private pools are versatile and can be built anywhere! Unlike pools in real life, Minecraft pools don’t need chemicals or maintenance, making them some of the coolest things to build in Minecraft. You can build your dream pool based on your own specifications, but this inground pool was built using these materials:

  • 90 White Glazed Terracotta Blocks
  • 76 Light Gray Concrete Blocks
  • 4 Smooth Quartz Slabs
  • 55 Oak Wood Fences
  • 1 Spruce Wood Fence Gate
  • 6 Soul Torches
  • 40 Water Buckets

Ice Volcano

Minecraft Ice Volcano
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Do you want to build a volcano but can’t because you live in an icy biome? Try building an ice volcano! These volcanoes are quick to build and are much less dangerous than their flaming counterparts. Ice volcanoes take fewer materials to build and use water instead of lava. These eco-friendly volcanoes make any base look immediately cooler, build them as huge or as tiny as you want! This ice volcano wasn’t as large as it could’ve been and was built using only these materials:

  • 112 Blue Ice Blocks
  • 18 Packed Ice Blocks
  • 16 Ice Blocks
  • 4 Buckets of Water

Ice Fishing Hut

Minecraft Ice Fishing Hut
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

These little huts are cute and perfect for snowy biomes! If you live in a cold biome and are frustrated with the lack of fishing spots, try ice fishing with a cool hut! These huts are, quite literally, some of the coolest things to build in Minecraft. If you’d like to ice fish in style, try building this sweet little fishing hut using these items:

  • 40 Dark Oak Wood Stairs
  • 12 Dark Oak Wood Slabs
  • 1 Spruce Wood Door
  • 2 Barrels
  • 1 Water Bucket

Classic Cobblestone Generator

Minecraft Cobblestone Generator
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

What’s cooler than a classic? Classics are what they are for a reason. Every Minecraft player has needed or wanted a cobblestone generator at some point in their lives; they’re easy to make and are incredibly useful! Rather than risk your life and your precious inventory for a couple of stacks of cobblestone, try building and mining from a cobblestone generator instead! These generators are super easy to make and only take these 2 items:

  • 1 Bucket of Lava
  • 1 Bucket of Water

Desert Pyramid

Minecraft Pyramid
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Deserts are some of the harshest places to live on Earth, the same goes for deserts in Minecraft. Deserts are barren, resourceless places in Minecraft; although they’re not ideal places to live, they’re great places to build! Deserts are long expanses of relatively flat land, building in Deserts is incredibly easy! Just like in real life, pyramids look best when they’re in Deserts in Minecraft. You can make your pyramid large enough to live in or just small enough to be considered a cool decorative structure, but this pyramid was built with these materials:

  • 56 Cut Sandstone Blocks
  • 10 Chiseled Sandstone Blocks
  • 32 Cut Sandstone Slabs

Exotic Fish Pond

Minecraft Exotic Fish Pond
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

If you’ve decided to start a tropical fish collection in Minecraft but have nowhere to put it, try building an exotic fish pond! Minecraft has added loads of new tropical fish, it’s easy to want to collect them. These fish can easily be collected using water buckets, but it can be difficult to know where to put them once collected. These private fish ponds are the solution! These ponds can be made larger or smaller depending on how large your collection is, but this little fish pond was made with these materials:

  • 12 Waxed Oxidized Cut Copper Blocks
  • 12 Smooth Quartz Blocks
  • 28 Warped Fences
  • 10 Water Buckets
  • 2 Lily Pads

Building structures is the most fun part of Minecraft, but new building ideas can be hard to come by. Be sure to stay up to date with Gamer Journalist for more Minecraft building ideas!