Minecraft Survival Houses
Image via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Surviving in Minecraft isn’t always easy. Whether you’re running from mobs or hiding from phantoms, being out in the open in Minecraft is dangerous! Everyone who’s played Minecraft knows the importance of a good survival house; protection is everything. Whether you’re a Minecraft veteran or a new player, you’ll need a sturdy house if you’re going to survive in Minecraft.

Protection notwithstanding, building Minecraft survival houses can be incredibly fun! Building their own houses allows players freedom of expression and creativity that they might not be able to have in real life. As important as creativity and freedom of expression is, it can be difficult sometimes to know where to start. If you’ve got an abundance of desire to build but aren’t sure where to begin, try starting with these Minecraft survival house ideas!

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Top 8 Survival Minecraft House Ideas

Countryside Farmhouse

Minecraft Wooden Farmhouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

There’s nothing wrong with a nice, classic Minecraft farmhouse. Classics are what they are for a reason! This Minecraft survival house features a large farm with 4 compost barrels, so you’ll never have to worry about going hungry again! This home is also surrounded by a barrier of fences, so it’ll be difficult for mobs (especially creepers!) to get to you when you’re least expecting it. This big, classic farmhouse and farm were built using these materials:

  • 12 Oak Wood Logs
  • 85 Dark Oak Wood Planks
  • 43 Oak Wood Planks
  • 3 Oak Wood Slabs
  • 40 Oak Wood Stairs
  • 20 Dark Oak Wood Stairs
  • 3 Dark Oak Wood Slabs
  • 1 Spruce Wood Door
  • 51 Dark Oak Wood Fences
  • 13 Gray Stained Glass Blocks
  • 1 Oak wood Fence Gate
  • 14 Torches
  • 6 Lily of the Valleys
  • 35 Oak Wood Fences
  • 1 Dark Oak Wood Fence Gate
  • 15 Water Buckets
  • 4 Composters
  • 28 Seeds

Brick Mob Farmhouse

Minecraft Brick Farmhouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

This farmhouse, like the one before it, is based on more of a classic design. This Minecraft survival house, however, features a mob farm instead of a wheat farm! If you enjoy carrying around Minecraft’s more filling foods, having a mob farm might prove to be more beneficial to you! This sturdy home is also built entirely out of bricks and stone, so you’ll never have to worry about it catching fire. If you’d like to build this durable little home and farm, start with these materials:

  • 8 Stone Brick Blocks
  • 40 Brick Blocks
  • 22 Stone Brick Stairs
  • 12 Brick Slabs
  • 4 Stone Brick Slabs
  • 18 Spruce Planks (Interior Floor)
  • 2 Spruce Doors
  • 34 Brick Walls
  • 25 Dark Oak Fences
  • 1 Oak Fence Gate
  • 14 Torches

Underground Base

Minecraft Underground Base
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

This underground base provides the perfect protection from mobs! This survival house is well-lit, protected, and perfect for those who hate going outside to check the time! If you struggle with building roofs or are just vertically challenged when it comes to building, this base is perfect for you. This base is incredibly easy to build and only takes these materials:

  • 29 Birch Wood Fence Posts
  • 1 Birch Wood Fence Gate
  • 1 Birch Wood Trapdoor
  • 132 Stone Blocks
  • 41 Glass Blocks
  • 10 Torches
  • 2 Ladders
  • 1 Picture Frame (Interior Decoration)
  • 2 Chests
  • 1 Furnace
  • 1 Red Bed

Packed Ice Igloo

Minecraft Ice Igloo
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Ice biomes can be difficult to track down in Minecraft, so when you do happen to stumble across one, you never want to leave! Building homes in ice biomes is easier than it seems, and more beneficial than many players believe. You can make your packed ice igloo to be larger to accommodate for storage needs, but this cute little survival house was built with only these materials:

  • 44 Packed Ice Blocks
  • 39 Birch Wood Fence Posts
  • 1 Oak Wood Fence Gate
  • 1 Stone Pressure Plate
  • 1 Iron Door
  • 2 Verdant Frog Lights
  • 2 Barrels

Enchanted Waterfall Treehouse

Minecraft Waterfall Treehouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Some of the best things in life include Minecraft and treehouses, mixing the two can only mean great things! Adding waterfalls to the mix only makes everything better; this waterfall treehouse is worth every second spent building! It’s recommended that this treehouse only be built on large jungle trees or dark oak trees, but you could probably cram it all onto a smaller tree if you’re determined enough. This specific treehouse, however, was built on a tall jungle tree using these items:

  • 82 Jungle Wood Planks
  • 36 Jungle Wood Stairs
  • 8 Jungle wood Logs
  • 16 Glowstone Blocks
  • 2 Jungle Wood Doors
  • 2 Water Buckets
  • 18 Jungle Wood Fence Posts
  • 2 Jungle Wood Fence Gates

Subzero Farmhouse

Minecraft Snow Biome Farmhouse
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

If you like the Minecraft farmhouse aesthetic and love having gardens, but live in a frigid biome, this Minecraft survival house is perfect for you! This little hut is quick and easy to build and even has an adjacent farm! Because this farm has a roof over it, it is able to be kept safely in snowy biomes. You can make this hut larger or smaller depending on your personal preference, but this little subzero farmhouse and garden were built using these materials:

  • 8 Birch Wood Blocks
  • 56 Birch Wood Planks
  • 48 Birch Wood Stairs
  • 1 Birch Wood Door
  • 29 Birch Wood Fence Posts
  • 1 Birch Wood Fence Gate
  • 43 Birch Wood Slabs
  • 12 Torches
  • 6 Water Buckets
  • 12 Seeds

XL Deluxe Gazebo

Minecraft Deluxe Gazebo
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

If you love Minecraft nature too much to block it off with solid walls, try building this deluxe gazebo home instead! This gazebo offers protection from mobs in the form of high fenced walls and good lighting; this house, although beautiful, may be a better choice for those playing in easy mode. This gazebo was built to be large, but feel free to customize it to be larger or smaller based on your personal preference. This gazebo home was built using these items:

  • 80 Oak Wood Fence Posts
  • 38 Oak Wood Stairs
  • 72 Oak Wood Slabs
  • 8 Glowstone Blocks
  • 1 Birch Door
  • 1 Yellow Bed
  • 2 Chests
  • 1 Furnace
  • 4 Lilac Flowers (Exterior Decoration)

Protected Campsite

Minecraft Campsite
Screenshot via Mojang Studios/Microsoft

Campsites are great for nomadic players and minimilist players alike! These campsites are incredibly easy to make and are incredibly quick to put up and take down. Whether you’re a nomadic explorer or are a minimilist Minecrafter who hates building houses, this guarded campsite is perfect for all Minecraft players! This campsite was built with these simple materials:

  • 4 Stone Stairs
  • 4 Stone Blocks
  • 2 Stone Slabs
  • 1 Red Bed
  • 2 Campfires
  • 24 Oak Wood Fence Posts
  • 1 Oak Wood Fence Gate

Minecraft can be a difficult game to navigate sometimes, but it gets easier and more fun the more you play. If you love getting creative and building in Minecraft, check out these top things to build in Minecraft! Be sure to stick with Gamer Journalist for all your creative Minecraft needs!