Explosive Personality.
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Destiny 2 weapon perks are an integral a part of the game’s design. A weapon isn’t made good by its stats a lot as it’s the perks obtainable on it. This is one thing that quite a lot of newer gamers don’t fairly perceive, and it’s holding their game again.

There are a large variety of weapon perks in Destiny 2, which is why I’ve gone forward and listed what I believe are the highest 15 right here. I’ve been taking part in Destiny for over 7 years, so if anybody is certified to speak about one thing like this, it’s me.

Whether you’re in search of a brand new perk to strive, otherwise you’re a newbie seeking to be taught the ropes, there’s one thing right here for you. Learn these 15 Destiny 2 weapon perks, and also you’ll by no means have to lookup a perk impact once more.

The Best Weapon Perks in Destiny 2


Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Rampage
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As far as I’m involved, Rampage is THE injury perk in Destiny 2. Each kill with the weapon provides a stack to the buff, as much as 3x – with every stack rising your weapon’s injury by 10%. The buff is energetic for 3.5 seconds, however it may be refreshed by getting a kill.

Rampage is the AD-clear king. It’s a monster of a perk on automatics that interprets right into a free 30% additional injury in virtually any firefight state of affairs. Pair it with one thing that helps your ammo financial system, like Subsistence, and you’ve got a T1 PvE weapon.

Kill Clip

Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Kill Clip.
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Kill Clip is geared extra in the direction of PvP than PvE, nevertheless it’s an ideal perk in each. If you reload after a kill, it grants you a 30% injury improve for 5 seconds. You have to reload to activate it, making it considerably sub-optimal in PvE, however nice in PvP.

Combine it with one thing like Outlaw, which will increase your reload velocity after a precision kill, and also you’ll end up profitable 1v2s way more usually within the Crucible.


Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Rangefinder
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Rangefinder is a hit-or-miss perk. Sometimes, it’s ineffective. Other occasions, it’s a compulsory perk.

When it involves Rangefinder, the one weapon kind we’re speaking about is hand cannons, provided that they’ve naturally low vary.

In each PvE and PvP, having Rangefinder in your weapon may be the distinction between getting a kill, and easily doing chip injury. If you’ve got Explosive Payload in your hand cannon, the perk is nugatory. If you don’t, although, that is virtually a compulsory perk for top-tier hand cannons.


Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Headstone
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Headstone modified the Destiny 2 weapon perk game when it was launched. It was the primary perk that straight synergized with a subclass, and it lay the muse for different perks of that nature. Incandescent, for instance, takes inspiration from Headstone.

Headstone causes precision kills to spawn a Stasis shard wherever the enemy died. In each PvE and PvP, that’s unbelievable. Many Stasis builds are created round utilizing shards to maintain buffs energetic, so spawning them virtually on command may be very priceless.

Tracking Module

Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Tracking Module
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It’s uncommon {that a} perk is T1 in each PvP and PvE, however that’s precisely what Tracking Module is. It’s a rocket launcher unique perk that merely makes your rocket lock onto a goal should you hearth whereas ADSing.

In PvE, that is good as a result of it means you don’t have to concentrate to your accuracy – one thing that’s invaluable should you’re DPSing a boss that strikes round quite a bit.

In PvP, although, it’s just about a assured free kill, and what perk impact is best than that?


Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Firefly
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Firefly is a shell of what it as soon as was. Back in Destiny 1, its weapon perk equal was arguably one of the best perk in your entire game. It’s nonetheless nice today, however not that good.

Firefly causes enemies to blow up upon a precision kill. It additionally will increase your reload velocity. Any perk that lets your predominant AD-clearing weapon kill extra issues is nice, though there’s an argument to be made for Explosive Payload over Firefly.

Firefly, usually, is best for clearing out teams of enemies, although. One shot is usually sufficient to kill 5 – 6 minor enemies, supplied they’ve simply spawned in collectively.

Explosive Payload

Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Explosive Payload
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Speaking of Explosive Payload, this perk is unbelievable in the correct circumstances and might fully change the viability of a weapon.

The impact of this Destiny 2 weapon perk is easy. It makes your bullets explode on impression for a bit of bit of additional injury. Great, so what? Well, that explosive injury doesn’t have falloff, so the vary received’t impression it.

Weapons which might be significantly prone to vary, like hand cannons, discover themselves all of the sudden with the ability to deal good injury throughout large distances, fully altering the way in which the weapon capabilities.

Rather than the explosions, consider Explosive Payload like a free overpowered vary buff.

Blinding Grenades

Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Blinding Grenades
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Blinding Grenades is without doubt one of the finest Destiny 2 weapon perks for the PvE endgame. By that, I imply Grandmaster Nightfalls and Master raids.

With this perk geared up, enemies caught in your grenade’s blast radius are blinded. This prevents them from shooting or utilizing their skills. If you’ve ever performed by way of a GM, you don’t want me to let you know why that’s highly effective.

With one button press, you’ll be able to neutralize a bunch of enemies all able to killing you in a break up second. It carries endgame runs.


Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Outlaw
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I beforehand talked about Outlaw in relation to Kill Clip, and that’s as a result of the 2 perks collectively is without doubt one of the strongest weapon rolls within the game.

All of one of the best PvP pulse rifles run Outlaw and Kill Clip. Without Kill Clip, Outlaw is a top quality of life enchancment that will increase reload velocity on a precision kill. With Kill Clip, it’s a perk that allows loopy 1v2 and 1v3 performs.

As far as weapon perks go, you’re virtually all the time in search of an ammo/injury mixture, and Outlaw is without doubt one of the finest choices in that regard.

In PvE, it’s nonetheless received worth because it will increase your gun-up occasions, nevertheless it’s not practically nearly as good right here as it’s in PvP.


Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Subsistence
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Subsistence is my private favourite PvE perk within the game. In truth, my predominant AD-clear weapon has a mix of Subsistence and Rampage.

Subsistence partially refills your journal any time you get a kill. In PvP it’s ineffective, nevertheless it’s large in PvE.

When enemies solely take just a few bullets to kill, having Subsistence implies that as an alternative of getting three or 4 kills per journal, you’re getting upwards of eight or 9. When that’s mixed with Rampage, which requires kills to remain energetic, it makes that 30% injury buff just about everlasting.


Top 15 Weapon Perks in Destiny 2
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Demolitionist mixed with the following perk on this checklist creates probably the most enjoyable synergies in your entire game. On Demolitionst’s half, getting kills with it regenerates your grenade power.

Now, grenade regen has by no means been simpler than it’s now, due to quite a lot of actually highly effective class builds – particularly for Warlock. As a end result, Demolitionist has misplaced a few of its worth. Still, it’s an unbelievable perk that helps maintain your grenade up-time as excessive as doable – and that’s extremely necessary in quite a lot of completely different builds.

Adrenaline Junkie

Top 15 weapon perks in Destiny 2 - Adrenaline Junkie
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Adrenaline Junkie received itself a tasty little buff that turned it from a B-tier perk right into a strong A/S-tier. It provides you a injury buff everytime you both get a kill with the weapon or your grenade. The latter half of that impact is where its synergy with Demolitionist comes into play.

Combined with Demolitionist and a construct designed round grenades, Adrenaline Junkie is just about all the time energetic, providing you with a flat injury buff that you just don’t want to fret about micromanaging.

Like Rampage, that is phenomenal for PvE AD-clear weapons, making it probably the greatest Destiny 2 weapon perks.

Snapshot Sights

Destiny 2 - Snapshot Sights
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Snapshot Sights is an completely PvP perk, so don’t waste your time operating it in any PvE actions.

The perk’s impact merely will increase the velocity with which you intention down your sight (ADS). For most weapons, this isn’t all that. However, on Sniper Rifles, it’s a crucial perk to have.

Sniper Rifles have a protracted ADS time, making sure conditions extremely tough to navigate, akin to needing to scope in rapidly for a kill or getting in place at first of a game for a cross-map snipe. Snapshot Sights eases these burdens and offers you the timing wanted to hit a few of these early snipes that you’d in any other case not hit.

Opening Shot

Destiny 2 - Opening Shot
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Like Snapshot Sights, Opening Shot ought to solely actually be thought of for PvP play, and once more, solely on sure weapons. Specifically, you wish to run Opening Shot on high-damage weapons like a hand cannon or sniper rifle.

The perk solely makes your first bullet have higher vary and accuracy, so the stronger that bullet, the higher.

In explicit, it is a nice perk to run alongside Snapshot Sights on a sniper rifle. The elevated ADS velocity mixed with the accuracy buff makes hitting snipes off of a spherical begin a lot simpler than it in any other case can be.

In PvE, although, don’t waste your time with this perk.

One-Two Punch

Destiny 2 - One-Two Punch
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Last on our greatest weapon perks in Destiny 2 is One-Two Punch. Unlike the final two perks, it is a perk completely utilized in PvE. Furthermore, it’s used virtually completely by Titans.

If you’ve been across the Destiny 2 endgame PvE scene for the final 12 months or so, why this perk is so highly effective. If you hit each pellet of your shotgun shot with this perk, you get a large improve to your melee injury for just a few seconds.

Loads of endgame Titan builds give attention to melee injury, particularly Solar Hammer builds. In truth, these builds are so damaged that they’re able to melting quite a lot of bosses in a matter of seconds. At one level, Bungie even disabled these builds till they may steadiness them.

While it’s not the monster of a perk that it was once, One-Two Punch continues to be an important a part of quite a lot of Titan builds – so it is best to all the time have a shotgun with it sitting in your Vault for a wet day.

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