Disney Mirrorverse
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Disney’s Mirrorverse is a 2022 mobile role-playing game that delves into a universe that has all of our favorite Disney characters, just not in their cannon worlds and stories. With forty-five playable characters so far from Disney and Pixar, the gameplay has both quests and battles through unique and new-to-us storylines. There is even an option for team-based play, allowing for various combinations and abilities from the different character groupings. All characters, previously known as good or evil, work together to fight against the corruptions from the Fractured Magic of the Mirrorverse.

To unlock characters in Disney’s Mirrorverse, you have to throw Crystals into the Stellar Mirror. The only problem with this is that Crystals are rather difficult to collect and when you throw them into the Steller Mirror, you don’t know which characters you will get in return. So let’s take a look at the Top 12 Best Disney Mirrorverse characters you would be lucky to get.


Anna Mirroverse
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Ranked one of the best for Mele class, Anna from Frozen is known as Anna The Ward Of Arendelle in the Mirrorverse. Anna’s core ability is Elemental Empowerment. Each of her basic attacks has a 25% chance of inflicting Burn, Shock, Wound, or Freeze that deals 3% DPS for 6 seconds. After holding a Heavy Attack for 1 second, she gains a 5% Attack Buff that lasts for 12 seconds. And with a Heavy attack, she gains a 30% Defense Buff and cannot be knocked back. Anna’s special ability is Elemental Surge. This is where she knocks back all enemies in a circle around her and deals 300% damage. And with Burn, Shock, Wound, and Freeze, it goes up to 6% DPS for the 6 seconds. Anna’s signature ability is Relay Strength. She’s able to resist 50% of all Burn, Shock, Wound, and Freeze damage. And if inflicted her own damage increased by an additional 1% to 5%.

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Belle Mirrorverse
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A fan favorite and featured in the preview and is in the spotlight because of Beauty And The Beast’s 30th anniversary, Belle is a Support class known as an Explorer Mage. Belle’s core ability is Enchanting Defense. Before each combat starts, this allows her to grant all her allies a 10% Defense Buff. Belle’s special ability is Healing Bloom. This allows her to heal allies 2.5% each second for 4 seconds, and she has an additional 15% chance to grant 10% armor to allies. Belle’s signature ability is Nature’s Spell. This allows her to gain an additional 35% chance to grant armor to allies.


Elsa Mirrorverse
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Ranked one of the best Ranged class, Elsa from Frozen is an Ice Storm Elemental that is immune to Freeze. Elsa’s core ability is North Wind. This ability from her causes a gust of North Wind inflicting a negative 10% Debuff on enemies. And if the enemy has the Frostbite Debuff, the North Wind will deal an additional 10% damage. Elsa’s special ability is Frostbite. When she casts Frostbite Aura, this causes an enemy to stay in place for 5 seconds and the Frostbite Debuff will last until the end of the encounter. Enemies that enter the Aura will get Freeze damage, dealing 20% DPS. Elsa’s signature ability is Solid Resolve. This is where, if Elsa is inside the Aura, she will gain an additional 100% attack and the Aura duration is increased by 1 second.


Gaston Mirrorverse
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A fan favorite and matched with Elsa for Ranged and in the spotlight because of Beauty And The Beast’s 30th anniversary, Gaston is labeled the Merciless Beast Hunter. Gaston’s core ability is Thrill Of The Hunt. With this, his Heavy Attack inflicts Wound, dealing 20% DPS for 5 seconds. While Wound is active, he gains 15% Critical Chance, and his Critical Hit Purge 1 Defense Buff. Gaston’s special ability is Fatal Wound. This is where he fires an arrow that deals 300% damage to his target when hit. Gaston’s signature ability is No Mercy. If his enemy is below 30% health, he gains a 75% Attack Buff for 5 seconds.


Hades Mirrorverse
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A fan favorite and in the spotlight because of Hercules’ 25th anniversary this year, Hades is a Ranged class immune to Burn, who is also known as the Commander Of The Underworld. Hades’ core ability is Flame Of Tartarus. This ability critical hits Burn, dealing 10% DPS for 3 seconds. And if the enemy target has armor, the damage is doubled. Hades’ special ability is Well Of Souls. This is where he will deal 200% damage to all enemies is a small area around a certain target. And if the enemy target is inflected with Burn, the damage is doubled. But also, he will inflict Burn for 10% DPS for 5 seconds. Hades’ signature ability is Last Laugh. If he defeats an enemy with his special ability, the enemy explodes and will damage those around it with 200% damage.


Hercules Mirrorverse
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A fan favorite and in the spotlight because of Hercules’s 25th anniversary this year, Hercules is a Mele class known as the Wings Of Olympus in the Mirrorverse. Hercules’ core ability is Favored Son. When attacking, he gains a 2% Attack Buff and gains a 2% Focus Buff with each hit. (Though these Buffs are lost if he stops attacking.) Hercules’ special ability is the Gift Of Olympus. Where he will deal 400% and knock back his target. Plus he will gain a 15% Attack Buff for each enemy his fighting. Hercules’ signature ability is The Perfect Gift. This is that when Hercules defeats an enemy he will gain the Indestructible Buff for 3 seconds.

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Mirrorverse
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A fan favorite and ranked one of the best with Mickey Mouse for Support class, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas is known as the Inventor Of Holiday Spirit in the Mirrorverse. Skellington’s core ability is Stocking Stuffers. His Heavy Attack purgse 1 Attribute Buff from its target. And when an ally Purges a Buff from an enemy, he heals 2.5% and grants allies 10% Attack Buff for 10 seconds. Skellington’s special ability is Tricks Or Treats. Through the entire encounter, allies will gain a 10% Attack Buff, plus they will heal 2.5% for 5 seconds. And all enemies will be inflicted with a negative 10% Defense Debuff. Skellington’s signature ability is Holiday Spirit. Before each combat starts, each enemy gets the Trick Buff, which is treated like a 0% Attack Buff. And when he Purges a Buff, he deals an additional 200% damage to the enemy.

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow Mirrorverse
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A fan favorite not just from the movies but also the Disney parks, Jack Sparrow from The Pirates Of The Caribbean is a Support class known as the Curse Collector. Sparrow’s core ability is Collector’s Curse. This is where he will gain a Curse Change every 5 seconds (as long as he has less than 3 curses). Plus, he’ll have a 7% chance when dealing and receiving a hit to get a cruse change. Sparrow’s special ability is Cleansing Tide. Here he will Cleanse all Attribute Debuffs from all allies. He also consumes all Curse Changes and Heals allies 1%, and 1% per Curse Change consumed and Attritubed Debuff Cleansed. Sparrow’s signature ability is Blessed Curse. This means each time he gets a Critical Hit, he has a 100% chance to inflict a negative 10% Focus Debuff for 5 seconds.


Maleficent Mirrorverse
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A fan favorite and arguably the most powerful Disney villain in cannon, in the Mirrorverse Maleficent, is the Ranged Draconic Mage. Maleficent’s core ability is Cruel Curse. This allows her Basic and Heavy Critical Hits to inflict 50% Shock and a negative 5% Defense Debuff instantly. Maleficient’s special ability is Dragon’s Rage. Here she will deal 300% damage to all enemies. If the enemy already has the Defense Debuff, they are inflicted with Burn, which deals 100% DPS for 5 seconds. Maleficent’s signature ability is Merciless Vengence.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Mirrorverse
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Disney icon and ranked one of the best with Jack Skellington for Support class, Mickey Mouse is the Stellar Sorcerer of the Mirrorverse. Mickey’s core ability is Stellar Energy. He gains this every 5 seconds and it grants plus 10% Attack. This can also be stacked because he also gains this ability when an ally uses their core ability. In addition, when he is using this and it has 3 or more charges, it activates Mirror Sheild Buff for 10 seconds (reflecting 20% of damage back as Direct Damage). Mickey’s special ability is Cosmic Command. If he has 3 or more Stellar Energy charges, he knocks back and/or stuns enemies that are just activating their special abilities for 2 seconds. If he has 5 or more Stellar Energy charges, it knocks back and/or stuns all enemies instead. In addition, he heals all allies for 1% for each Stellar charge for 4 seconds – but this consumes all the charges. Mickey’s signature ability is Mirror Master. This is where the Mirror Sheild Buff reflects 15% damage back as Direct Damage. Plus, each time he uses his special ability, it puts the Mirror Sheild Buff on his allies for 10 seconds.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Mirrorverse
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Disney icon, Minnie Mouse is the Mele class known as the Heart’s Fire Fighter of the Mirrorverse. Minnie’s core ability is Inner Strength. If the enemy she attacks has Buffs, she will gain 20% Attack Buffs for each one. (Though this stops if she stops attacking or switches targets.) Minnie’s special ability is Fist Of Heart’s Fire. This first deals 200% damage, inflicting Burn dealing 33% DPS for 6 seconds, and then knocks back all enemies. Minnie’s signature ability is Plucky Punch. With this, her special ability has a 20% chance per Attack Buff from her core ability to stun all enemies for 3 seconds.

Mr. Incredible

Mr Incredible Mirrorverse
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Ranked best for Tank class, Mr. Incredible is immune to knockback and is known as Justice Reforged in the Mirrorverse. Mr. Incredible’s core ability is Incredible Strength. For each second that Heavy Attack is held, he gains Kinetic Charge, which increases damage resistance by 1%. (Though this is lost with Stun, Root, or Freeze.) His Heavy Attack also has a 50% chance to inflict Kinetic Knockback, which stops special abilities. (This has a 10-second cool down.) Mr. Incredible’s special ability is Unstoppable Justice. This ability is for 10 seconds, does 400% damage, gives 5 Kinetic Charges, allows for Kinetic Knockback continuously, and adds 10% armor. Mr. Incredible’s signature ability is Kinetic Explosion. After the 10 seconds of Unstoppable Justice, he’ll deal 200% damage and do Kinetic Knockback. This time, though, when an enemy is knocked back and hits another target, that second target will get 200% damage.

Disney has officially announced that more characters will become available through monthly events and as updates are released in the future.