A kingdom in spoil, a procession of forlorn and horrifying foes, and massive bosses that’ll make you beg for mercy (but on the identical time beg for extra). Sure, the Souls-like is certainly one of gaming’s most revered and reviled genres, and we have seen it take many extraordinary kinds through the years, however have you ever ever seen a hero battle a frontrunner of a legendary gnome-like cult with nothing however his boxers on? Properly, with Greedventory—the upcoming 2D motion RPG from Ukrainian developer Black Tower Basement and Lithuanian developer-publisher Nordcurrent Labs—you could be about to.

For a begin, Greedventory, because the identify suggests, is much more giving with its loot; actually, there’s sufficient loot right here—from bucket helmets to katanas, mystical rings, and, uhhh, beehivesto get Diablo stirring anxiously in his hellish tomb. It is all concerning the hoarding right here, as you slice your manner by weird enemies like a scorching sword by pig flesh to maintain rising your hero’s stats and weps.

The fight is not precisely what you’d anticipate both. You progress throughout the display by clicking together with your mouse, making it really feel nearly like a fast-paced ultra-violent point-and-click journey. Fight is generally point-and-click-based too; hover your mouse over enemies and click on to assault them, and keep in mind to to keep away from their assaults utilizing swish strikes like turning right into a wisp of smoke or the nice old style parry (which you will must study to time completely, after all). However in true Soulsy type, you will want to observe your stamina, lest you puff your self out and depart your self weak.

boss in greedventory

(Picture credit score: Nordcurrent)

Count on comically gory animations, in addition to unusual enemies that vary from demonic clowns to heavy-drinking cherub-dwarf dudes, and formidable bosses like Morzok the Quick (sure, the identify is ironic). Issues get fairly difficult on the market, however you will be handsomely rewarded with tons of plunder in addition to these super-satisfying ‘Victory’ messages upon defeating a boss.

Alternatively, Greedventory does not endure fools evenly, so once you die you lose that treasured gold used to enhance your stats and purchase new gear. Do not let its foolish type idiot you; the stakes are excessive and this game will eat up the complacent gamer with the swiftness and brutality of a mimic chest.

Greedventory’s story is a basic story of heroism within the face of insurmountable odds besides, effectively, nobody actually cares in your heroics. The game laughs within the face of a fantasy apocalypse, and the NPCs are a foul-mouthed bunch, bossing you round and cursing one another because the world crumbles round them. Positive, nobody’s going to be celebrating your existence and calling you a hero, however have not you had sufficient of that from these extra typical RPGs? Apart from, in a ruined world like this what’s an NPC to do aside from get drunk and belligerent?

inventory in greedventory

(Picture credit score: Nordcurrent)

The game’s distinctive pixel artwork type displays this irreverent tone. The colourful ranges vary from cosy villages, to misty moonlit coastal cities, green pustulent caves, and, uhhh, a circus zoo that you want to tear your manner by. You recognize that feeling in Elden Ring once you emerge from a dungeon to be greeted with a spectacular vista that will simply blow your thoughts? Properly, Greedventory’s distinctive world is type of like that by way of the surprises it throws your manner (besides 16-bit, and indie… and made on a barely smaller price range).

Greedventory arrives on Steam 17 Might 2023. Head over to the Steam or GOG web page to test it out, wishlist it when you prefer it, and get entangled with the game’s neighborhood on Twitter. In case you’re sick of the self-serious Souls-like, and need your darkish RPG with a depraved vein of darkish humour working by, then this bizarre world created in Black Tower Basement awaits you…