EA has detailed tomorrow’s Battlefield 2042 update 2.1, and we’ve acquired you coated.

The brand new update shall be deployed throughout all platforms on September 27 at 08:00 UTC and can pack a reworked model of the Renewal map alongside the introduction of the brand new Polaris RZR in-world car. As well as, this update provides three new Vault Weapons for the All-Out Warfare arsenal alongside varied stability adjustments, enhancements, and fixes for varied points.

EA additionally introduced {that a} new particular occasion shall be coming to the game subsequent month – gamers can count on new earnable cosmetics alongside infantry-only gameplay with tight playspaces and intense close-quarters fight. You’ll discover the changelog for this new update down under. We advise studying EA’s full weblog publish about tomorrow’s update for added particulars in regards to the reworked Renewal map.

Battlefield 2042 Update 2.1 Launch Notes


  • Fastened a difficulty stopping the Weekly Missions record from being scrolled throughout Finish of Spherical
  • Assortment – Fastened a difficulty where the improper enter icon is displayed when equipping car customizations
  • Statistics – Fastened a difficulty that would trigger the accuracy stat to succeed in a worth above 100%
  • Fastened an alignment problem associated to HUD notifications on large display screens
  • Fastened a scaling problem associated to HUD notifications
  • Fixes a difficulty that would trigger a black display after leaving a game that was near the Finish of Spherical
  • Fastened a difficulty that would trigger the Introduction Video to play when booting the title into fullscreen and straight pressing Alt + Enter to enter windowed mode
  • Resolved situations where visible artifacts may seem on display whereas matchmaking into a brand new server on the Exodus Conquest playlist
  • Fastened situations where binding a secondary enter to mouse buttons didn’t work
  • The sorting arrow is now pointed accurately for the Gamers part within the Battlefield Portal Browse tab

Battlefield Portal

  • A number of fixes and changes have been made to resolve points with belongings and collision throughout basic period maps

Guidelines Editor

  • Added Crawford, Stranded, Season 2 Weapons, and Autos to Guidelines Editor choice lists
  • Added Audio Asset Library
  • Added World Icons Asset Library
  • Added RemovePlayerInventoryAtSlot block to Guidelines Editor
  • Added RemovePlayerInventory block to Guidelines Editor
  • Added EnableFastTicketBleed block to Guidelines Editor
  • Added OnPlayerExitCapturePoint block to Guidelines Editor
  • Added OnPlayerEnterCapturePoint block to Guidelines Editor
  • Added OnCapturePointNeutralizing block to Guidelines Editor
  • Added SetCapturePointOwnership to Guidelines Editor
  • Added EnableCaptureHQ block to Guidelines Editor
  • Added CapturePointCapturingTime to Guidelines Editor
  • Added CapturePointNeutralizationTime to Guidelines Editor
  • Added SetNeutralizationMultiplier block to Guidelines Editor
  • Improved error messages to make clear parameter kind mismatches for some blocks


  • Added Modifiers for Hiding Crosshair (additionally impacts autos)


  • Fastened Incorrect Zoom ranges when utilizing SOFLAM



  • Resolved silo harm results stopping when the silo was queued for destruction
  • You’ll not see foot on snow VFX contained in the heli in the course of the insertion sequence


  • Fastened problem a difficulty where the terrain across the base of the walkway ship rail might be destroyed sufficient to make it float


  • Fastened bullet decals not wanting practical on a portray within the C3 sector
  • Fastened bullet tracers from the MD540 Nightbird’s Minigun that disappeared when firing on sure belongings
  • Fastened a fireplace extinguisher that was floating after the wall was destroyed
  • Fastened a LOD (Stage of Element) problem on wall close to stairs in sector E2
  • Fastened a difficulty where gamers may enter unintended areas above the D1 flag room and shoot unaware enemies due to belongings with lacking collisions


  • Fastened an audio problem where strolling over the out of doors bins on the western facet of B1 was inappropriately triggering grime sound


  • Fastened a difficulty stopping AI from utilizing the ladder between seize factors B2 and D1
  • Fastened a LOD problem current on the plaza basis planters discovered throughout the map


  • Fastened a difficulty where the carports had been shaking on the opening animation
  • Fastened a difficulty where the dumpster had audio materials set to grime
  • Fastened a difficulty where the rocket from rocket launchers would undergo the map when shot beneath the soldier whereas standing on the ramp from crawlerway


  • Fastened a difficulty within the Analysis Facility where gamers would be capable of clip platforms and see by way of the belongings whereas the top could be seen to others on the opposite facet
  • Fastened a difficulty where gamers would clip with the ceiling and see by way of components of the constructing when climbing on the lab barrels positioned in corners
  • Fastened problem where gamers would clip with the sewers ceiling and see by way of the constructing when positioned on the propane tank
  • Fastened a difficulty inflicting participant digicam clipping whereas vaulting on high of the pump station
  • Fastened problem with grenades thrown close to the wall of the small lab that would move by way of the terrain
  • Fastened a difficulty where the Breakthrough insertion helicopter landed out of bounds on attacker facet
  • Fastened a difficulty where terrain clipped by way of the concrete canal
  • Fastened problem where entrance desks contained in the Synseco constructing had LOD points
  • Fastened elevated shadow problem on either side of the steps that results in the Analysis Facility
  • Fastened LOD points current on the warehouse cabinets discovered contained in the analysis facility constructing
  • Fastened LOD points current for the fabric across the home windows on the floor ground within the Analysis Facility
  • Fastened sharp black shadow current on the sting of the bridge resulting in the Analysis Facility
  • Fastened uneven and sharp lighting on the partitions contained in the Analysis Facility
  • Fastened a difficulty where after destroying the vegetation on the vab basis where the revealed terrain appeared unnatural and stretched
  • Fastened LOD problem on concrete cowl whereas in destroyed state
  • Fastened problem where shadows had been too darkish in a number of areas of the map
  • Fastened lacking wall mesh in some areas
  • Fastened LOD problem current on the planters discovered throughout the extent
  • Fastened flashing and disappearing lights and shadows on a wall within the Analysis Facility


  • Fastened problem where a LATV4 Recon partially caught within the hatch would take harm additional time
  • Fastened problem where autos would stutter on the hatches throughout opening
  • Fastened problem where gamers would stutter whereas standing on the rotating platform within the showroom
  • Fastened problem where an prolonged occluder was seen when the participant is inclined close to the best margin on the entrance deck
  • Fastened a difficulty in sector C1 where an occluder was seen when the participant is inclined on the ship’s margin close to the zipline going to B1 and searching in the direction of the antenna
  • Fastened a difficulty on sector C2 where there was intense flashing in one of many market corridors
  • Fastened problem with flickering seen within the backdrop from deploy display
  • Fastened problem where G-84 TGM would get caught when shot in to E1 management tower
  • Fastened problem with inconsistent metrics where the participant couldn’t stroll by way of 12 out of the 36 gaps made between the metallic beams and the containers on high of the ship
  • Fastened problem where participant obtained harm till useless when leaping on high of a moving platform


  • Improved enter polling to cut back aiming enter latency
    • Gamers who beforehand noticed mouse enter lag throughout gameplay ought to really feel an enchancment with this game update. Please proceed sharing your suggestions about your expertise with us as soon as you have been in a position to play.
  • Fastened a difficulty that precipitated Overexposed lights on Soldier uniforms (IFF)
  • Fastened a difficulty where Restore VFX continues to be current for a short while after the consumer enters the car
  • Fastened a difficulty where the character stance didn’t reset when coming into/exiting autos
  • Fastened a difficulty where there grenade cooking animation was lacking
  • Fastened a difficulty with the Giant Affect Sound incorrectly being performed when attaching C5 to autos
  • Fastened points animations lacking when throwing any grenade
  • Fastened points with inconsistent face wrinkles on a number of characters. A correct skincare routine is essential to go with the energetic way of life of being on the Battlefield
  • Fastened a difficulty where Troopers had been seen for a second earlier than spawning on the Spawn Beacon
  • Grenade throw animation ought to now play accurately
  • Fastened problem with Incorrect world log messages when repairing an air car from the passenger seat
  • The Fight Hammer has ought to now have successful indicator when putting a goal
  • Sundance’s touchdown animation with the Wingsuit has been improved. It is not causes jumpy conduct
  • Fastened unintended conduct for Soldier physics animations whereas in deep terrain craters
  • Improved inclined conduct in craters and on ledges
  • A short lived Soldier motion pace has been added when performing stance adjustments
  • A brief cooldown has been added to stop standing / inclined stance change spam
  • Fastened a digicam snapping problem when beginning a slide
  • Improved hit detection from shots fired by troopers whereas in moving and in open car seats
  • A inclined soldier is not in a position to push different inclined troopers round
  • Launched new participant collision conduct for pleasant Troopers to assist forestall physique blocking in tight areas. Pleasant Troopers which might be moving will now be capable of move by way of different Troopers however shall be pushed away every time they cease moving to stop clipping



  • Fastened a difficulty that precipitated the SG-36 Sentry Gun to generally shoot enemy gamers by way of smoke
  • Fastened a difficulty with the SG-36 Sentry Gun is floating after being deployed
  • Fastened a difficulty where the turret deploy sound is delayed when deploying SG-36 Sentry Gun with Boris


  • Fastened a difficulty where the OV-P Recon Drone flies in circles after getting pushed by one other participant
  • Fastened a bug where Sluggish autos couldn’t destroy the OV-P Recon Drone by ramming it or operating over it
  • Fastened points with Casper’s OV-P Recon Drone tooltips exhibiting as unassigned when unbinding Crouch Hold Keybind


  • Fastened a difficulty where the Mounted Vulcan might be seen within the character fingers when choosing up the gadget
  • Fastened a difficulty with EMP VFX not being current on the Mounted Vulcan whereas below the EMP impact
  • Fastened a difficulty with Mounted Vulcan defend not being displayed accurately when destroyed


  • Fastened a difficulty where APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel didn’t not block M320 LVG and M26 Mass Frag attachment grenades
  • The legs on the APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel now have correct shadows


  • Fastened a difficulty Audio hit cue/indicator triggered on Lis’s rocket when hitting nothing
  • Fastened a difficulty G-84 TGM will get successful marker however 0 harm is dealt to the enemy Soldier


  • Fastened a difficulty where Rao sign hacker pulse was lacking
  • Fastened a difficulty where Rao noticed any enemy that destroyed gear close by


  • Fastened a difficulty that might forestall jets from visually updating when seen from a distance.
  • Palms at the moment are accurately aligned on the 4×4 Utility steering wheel as quickly as you enter the car.
  • Minor tweaks to make exhausts look much less odd in car elevators. They had been very exhausting.
  • The audio SFX from Stealth Helicopter bombs not persist after being fired.
  • The countermeasure immediate for autos is now solely seen for the driving force/pilot
  • The Gunner VE has been eliminated throughout spawn, now solely exhibiting if you find yourself within the gunner place.
  • Up to date the Air-to-Floor Missile crosshairs on jets to show the lock on crosshair
  • You’ll not hear the “In Stealth” goal blocked audio when taking a look at a Stealth Helicopter with energetic twin 30mm Cannon Pods
  • The HEAT Shell has been renamed to HE Shell to higher replicate its supposed use as anti-infantry


  • Aligned the EBLC-RAM Turret so it now sits snugly on the principle physique
  • The countermeasure immediate is now accurately displayed for the EBLC-RAM
  • Fastened a difficulty inflicting the EBLC-Ram Lively Safety System capacity to detonate Lis’ Guided missile from additional away than supposed
  • Fastened a difficulty that precipitated the crosshair to be proven when deploying the car insertion beacon
  • Fastened a difficulty that precipitated the EBLC-Ram Lively Safety System capacity to look to shoot down Lis’ Guided Missile within the improper route
  • Fastened problem that precipitated the EBLC-RAM Spawn Beacon to not connect accurately to moving objects
  • Inserting the EBLC-RAM’s Workforce Insertion Beacon in an invalid space will not spawn the Beacon within the final location it was positioned
  • The EBLC-RAM now has working lights throughout the Assortment screens.
  • When exiting the EBLC-RAM with the Workforce Insertion Beacon Deploy capacity energetic, you’ll now routinely swap again to the beforehand geared up weapon

Autos – 60mm Flak Weapon Pod

The 60mm Flak Weapon Pod was underperforming towards air autos so we’ve elevated its effectiveness. Alongside that change we’ve additionally diminished its harm towards infantry to additional solidify its objective.

  • Velocity has been elevated from 150 -> 250
  • Detonation delay decreased from 0.15 -> 0.02
  • Car detonation radius decreased from 10 -> 2
  • Injury multiplier to infantry diminished 0.47 -> 0.05
  • A difficulty has been resolved that precipitated the 60mm Flak Weapon Pod to unintentionally harm infantry when damaging autos

AH-64GX Apache Warchief and KA-520 Tremendous Hokum

We’ve got noticed that Stealth Helicopters have turn into the dominant Air Car of alternative since their introduction in Season 1. In Update 2.1, we’re making a number of stability changes to the AH-64GX Apache Warchief and KA-520 Tremendous Hokum to make sure all Helicopters have a devoted objective on the Battlefield. In consequence, we’re growing their anti-vehicle effectiveness.

  • 127mm Anti-Car Rocket Pack velocity has been elevated
  • 127mm Anti-Car Rocket Pack harm has been elevated from 100 -> 130
  • 127mm Anti-Car Rocket Pack is now extra precisely in shorter ranges
  • 127mm Anti-Car Rocket Pack Replenish price has been lowered 1.3 -> 2
  • 30mm Cannon Gunner Charge of Fireplace has been lowered 350 -> 200
  • 30mm Cannon Velocity has been elevated
  • 30mm Cannon Gunner Injury Begin Injury elevated 18 -> 40
  • 30mm Cannon Gunner Injury Finish Injury elevated 8 -> 25
  • 30mm Cannon Blast Injury elevated from 18 -> 20
  • 30mm Cannon Overheat has been elevated

MD540 Nightbird – Mounted 7.62mm Miniguns

We’re updating the miniguns to make sure they continue to be highly effective when actively managed, whereas decreasing their effectiveness throughout steady fireplace.

  • Minigun Wind Up Time has been lowered
  • Minigun Wind Down Time has been elevated
  • General Dispersion has been lowered
  • Overheat has been elevated

MV38-Condor / Mi-240 Tremendous Hind – 7.62mm Minigun Pod

We’ve got noticed the Transport Helicopter 7.62mm Minigun Pod was primarily used for lengthy vary fight. We’re making a number of stability changes to make sure its focus stays on supposed defensive and shut vary use. It’s now extra correct, however with an total decreased harm output and vary whereas additionally overheating quicker.

  • Injury fall-Off Beginning Distance has been lowered from 350 -> 150
  • Injury Fall-Off Finish Distance has been lowered from 1000 -> 300
  • Dispersion has been lowered
  • Wind Up Time has been lowered
  • Wind Down Time has been elevated
  • Overheat has been elevated


  • Fastened a difficulty that precipitated AM40 and Avancys bullets to be registered as SMG bullets
  • The AM40 Customary Difficulty Ammo now accurately shows the supposed journal rely of 20
  • The AM40 and Avancys can not be used underwater
  • Adjusted deploy delays for Vault Weapons to make sure a smoother expertise
  • Fastened a bug where choosing up the DM7 from the bottom would show incorrect weapon icon
  • Fastened a difficulty that precipitated the M11 scope on the BSV-M to not have the right show
  • Fastened a difficulty that was inflicting undesirable conduct on underbarrel ammo
  • Fastened a difficulty that might trigger the Avancys to show the improper LOD when one other participant zoomed in on you
  • Fastened a difficulty where the PF51 would shake when firing after switching from and to major
  • Fastened the suppressor muzzle flash being seen in entrance of the BSV-M when utilizing sure scopes
  • Lacking hints for underbarrel attachments have been situated
  • Reload not generally go lacking on the the SWS-10 when low on ammo
  • SFX have been improved for Laser Sights
  • The Ghostmaker R10’s attachments at the moment are displayed on Kill Playing cards
  • The PF51 now exhibits the right Journal dimension within the Assortment screens
  • The Goal 8T scope now has the right icon on the Avancys

Battlefield 2042 is on the market globally now for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Sequence X|S, and Xbox One.

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